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Making SAIT home: From India to Calgary for Power Engineering

It's International Education Week — meet Ravi and check out some tips for international students planning to study #hereatSAIT.


"SAIT has a very good reputation amongst employers, so if you can show your capabilities in the classroom, you will do well when it's time to look for work."

SAIT has welcomed international students from 140+ countries around the world to study everything from electrical engineering technology to business administration.

To celebrate International Education Week, Nov. 16 - 20, five international students share what brought them to SAIT, their favourite thing about Calgary and their top tips for international students planning to study #hereatSAIT.

Ravi, India, Power Engineering Technology

What brought you to SAIT?  

I have a great interest in the energy industry. After completing my bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering back home, I started searching for colleges that matched my interest and SAIT was able to offer what I was looking for.

How are you making the most of your experience in Calgary and at SAIT?

 In terms of my experience, I can't express that in words, but it’s been the best. As an international student, I’ve been able to meet a lot of people from different countries and learn more about their cultures. At SAIT, I’m gaining great industry experience in my studies by performing tasks in industrial labs and all instructors have been so helpful and kind.

What are your top three tips for international students planning to study at SAIT?  

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. I would like to say to international students that they are new and it’s okay to not know many things about Canada or SAIT. If you don’t know, just ask your instructors or the people you meet — in my experience, they have all been very nice and friendly.
  • Take part in different activities. Take part in any activity that interests you. SAIT has lots of different teams, clubs and associations, such as Saitsa, — students can become a member or volunteer. From taking part, they can make many friends and improve many skills.
  • Stay focused on your studies. I know many students have questions about getting a job after completing their education. I would suggest to start by focusing on your studies and being engaged in class. SAIT has a very good reputation amongst employers, so if you can show your capabilities in the classroom, you will do well when it’s time to look for work.

I know you said “three”, but I have one more!

  • Learn Canadian culture. When you understand the culture of the country, you will be able to interact with people more smoothly. Learning people’s habits will also help you interact with conversations and make new friends easily. Moreover, remember that Canadians have a diverse background and culture. In general, Canadians are very polite and spontaneous people.

What’s your favourite thing about Calgary?  

Most of my experiences in Calgary have been great — it’s really a safe and peaceful city to live in and the people of the city are humble and friendly. The Calgary Stampede is also my favourite and is considered “the greatest outdoor show on earth.”  

What’s your favourite thing about studying at SAIT?  

The curriculum at SAIT not only provides textbook knowledge but also emphasizes practical and real life field experience — something which is not always found at other institutions.

Let’s get global!

Connect with people and cultures from around the world and add a global perspective to your student experience during  International Education Week.

  • Golnaz, Iran “I would highly recommend that international students participate in events on campus or online to gain new experiences, meet new people and make friends.”
  • Kenmay, Philippines “Top tips for international students: Food, seasonal clothes and slang.”
  • Richie, Trinidad and Tobago “I chose SAIT because the programs are tailored to meet the needs of industry, the facilities are world-class and SAIT as an institution is held in high regard throughout Canada.”

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