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Making SAIT home: From Philippines to Calgary for Business Administration


“Top tips for international students: Food, seasonal clothes and slang.”

SAIT has welcomed international students from 140+ countries around the world to study everything from electrical engineering technology to business administration.

To celebrate International Education Week, Nov. 16 - 20, five international students share what brought them to SAIT, their favourite thing about Calgary and their top tips for international students planning to study #hereatSAIT.

Kenmay, Philippines, Business Administration – Supply Chain Management

What brought you to SAIT?

I was looking to shift my career into supply chain management. When I looked for a school to make that shift, I stumbled upon SAIT — and luckily SAIT offered Supply Chain Management as a major in the Business Administration diploma.

How are you making the most of your experience in Calgary and at SAIT? 

I was alone when I arrived in Calgary to study and have been lucky enough to make some new friends from school who have now become my second family. Some are my classmates and others I’ve met through campus events. I feel very lucky to have them as it can be hard living alone and learning online during the pandemic.

I also got involved as a Study Abroad Student Leader through SAIT’s Student Leadership Program (LEADS). Once the pandemic hit, I realized I wanted more opportunities to enhance my skills and experience, and this program seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to do just that. I was reluctant to join as I’m only in the first year of my program, but the position of Study Abroad Student Leader really grabbed my attention. As an international student, I love travelling and felt I could share my experiences while also learning new skills. As a Study Abroad Student Leader, I’m responsible for helping other SAIT students find opportunities to study abroad anywhere from a few weeks to several months. This opportunity teaches students to broaden their minds and gain experience living in other cultures. It’s a great opportunity for them to see the other side of the world firsthand.

What are your top three tips for international students planning to study at SAIT? 

Food, seasonal clothes and slang.

  • I packed so much food from home because I didn’t think I’d be able to find them here in Calgary, but I thought wrong. There are so many Asian food markets all over the city, so I’m still able to grab the food that I love that reminds me of home.
  • Up next is seasonal clothes. As I come from a tropical country, layering clothes is not needed. But winter can be harsh here in Canada. I would say a warm jacket is an absolute must, plus a toque.
  • Speaking of toque — learning Canadian slang definitely wouldn’t hurt. For example, a toque is something I would normally call a beanie. The difference in language has been so fascinating, and I love being able to learn a new word every day – it’s a great way to improve vocabulary. 

What’s your favourite thing about Calgary? 

I never knew I would like going to a library so much, but the Central Library downtown is my go-to place. It serves as my haven while studying, especially before the pandemic when we were still able to use the study rooms for group work. I’ve also heard the restaurant scene on 17th Avenue is great — and once the pandemic is over, you’ll find me there trying them out. 

What’s your favourite thing about studying at SAIT?

Activities! Every week there is always something new that you will see happening in the middle of campus and now online. These events help me take my mind off of studying for a little bit and enjoy the whole experience.Let’s get global!

Let's get global!

Connect with people and cultures from around the world and add a global perspective to your student experience during International Education Week.

  • Golnaz, Iran “I would highly recommend that international students participate in events on campus or online to gain new experiences, meet new people and make friends.”
  • Ravi, India “SAIT has a very good reputation amongst employers, so if you can show your capabilities in the classroom, you will do well when it’s time to look for work.”
  • Richie, Trinidad and Tobago “I chose SAIT because the programs are tailored to meet the needs of industry, the facilities are world-class and SAIT as an institution is held in high regard throughout Canada.”
  • Sabiha, United States “Whether it's my classmates or my instructors, everyone here is just so friendly and open-minded, always willing to offer a hand.”

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