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Centre for Innovation and Research in Unmanned Systems

As organizations across all sectors explore the applications and capabilities of unmanned systems, SAIT is supporting innovation and new technology development through its Centre for Innovation and Research in Unmanned Systems (CIRUS).

Researchers with SAIT's Applied Research and Innovation Services department, faculty from SAIT's School of Construction, students, and industry partners converge in this cross-disciplinary environment to address challenges, create efficiencies, and develop and test new products and applications.

The mission of CIRUS is to expand the role unmanned systems play in data acquisition and management, and create organizational efficiencies across a variety of sectors and regulatory environments.

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Dr. Ken Whitehead, PhDExpertise

The expertise available through CIRUS is diverse, with all researchers and faculty contributing their own unique skills and experiences. SAIT is also engaging several of Alberta's leading colleges, allowing us to draw on an even greater pool of expertise when needed.

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Research themes

  • flood risk assessment
  • oil and gas leak detection
  • greenhouse-gas emissions detection and Flux modeling

  • construction management
  • building scanning and modeling
  • health and safety inspection
  • oilfield facilities inspection
  • beyond visual line-of-sight applications for utility and transportation corridors

  • RFID-enabled unmanned systems for hard management

  • film and videography
  • search and rescue

Bringing innovation to industry

SAIT has partnered with Imperial to help implement unmanned systems at Imperial’s Kearl site in northern Alberta. See how this collaboration is leading the way in how unmanned systems can be used on a regular basis to collect photography and supporting data to inform Imperial's Geoscience team on the site's geology while improving safety, sustainability and operational efficiencies at Kearl. 

Service offerings

  • developing customized platforms and sensors
  • developing solutions customized for client-specific applications
  • discovering innovative applications for unmanned systems technologies
  • testing and validation of novel products