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Level Up Alumni Awards

The Level Up Alumni Awards are a perk created just for you — a valued member of the SAIT alumni family. Whether you are interested in completely reinventing your career or simply adding new skills to your resume, SAIT has a solution for you. And because SAIT wants to partner with you on this journey, we have created three student awards offered exclusively to SAIT alumni.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors on Giving Day 2021, we can support even more alumni returning to SAIT to upskill or build their skillset.

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Available awards

There are three types of student awards available for SAIT graduates:

  • Credit awards — For full-time students accepted into a certificate, diploma or degree program (applications are being accepted for the 2021-2022 academic year)
  • School for Advanced Digital Technology (SADT) awards — For students registering in a Digital Transformation (DX) Bootcamp (registration is ongoing)
  • Continuing education awards — For students registering in a continuing education or professional studies course (applications are currently closed)

Credit awards 

SAIT graduates who have been accepted into a full-time certificate, diploma or degree program at SAIT are eligible to apply for a Level Up Alumni Award. 

There are up to 30 awards available, which will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

What is the value of the award? 

$1,500 on entry to a certificate, diploma or degree program at SAIT. 

Application process 

Once you have been accepted into a certificate, diploma or degree program you must follow the award application process.

  1. Register for your classes.
  2. Log into mySAIT and go to the myStudent tab.
  3. Under the Finance information area, click on the Student Awards and Financial Aid link. 
  4. Click ‘Apply for Student Awards’ and select the Aid year (July 2021 to June 2022) and the Aid period (FYG). 
  5. Select the 'LevelUp’ application.
  6. Follow the prompts to complete and submit the application.

School for Advanced Digital Technology awards 

Any SAIT graduate who is registering for a DX Bootcamp through SAIT’s School for Advanced Digital Technology is eligible to apply for an award. 

These awards are currently available for DX Bootcamps. There are up to 26 awards available, distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.   

What is the value of the award? 

$1,500 per student per academic year. 

Registration process 

  1. Verify your alumni status — complete this form to verify your alumni status. Allow up to two business days to receive your discount code.
  2. Create an account — on coned.sait.ca. Your email address will be your username. After you've set up your profile, an email will be sent to you to create a password. Your current mySAIT account information won't work in this system.
  3. Select a bootcamp — once you have selected a bootcamp offered through the School for Advanced Digital Technology, follow the links through the registration process.
  4. Use code — as part of registration, you will be contacted by a Talent and Career Specialist. They will ask you if you have a code and they will apply the code on your behalf. 
  5. Complete transaction — the $1,500 award will be applied to the tuition cost by your Talent and Career Specialist, reducing the amount owing.
You're all set! Now get ready to learn.   

Continuing Education awards 

SAIT graduates registering for a course within SAIT’s Centre for Continuing Education and Professional Studies are eligible to apply for a Level Up Alumni Award.  

These awards will be available once Continuing Education registration begins. There are up to 100 awards available, distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. The award can only be applied to one continuing education course per academic year.   

Eligible students may apply their award toward one continuing education course per academic year

Award applications for Continuing Education are now closed

The maximum continuing education awards have been reached. Please revisit this page for future applications information.

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Learn a better way to level up

With SAIT's Centre for Continuing Education and Professional Studies, you’ll find all the ways to get your career moving forward.

Along with better support, mentorship and industry connections to make sure you get there.

Learn how

Frequently asked questions

All SAIT graduates who have received an official credential from SAIT through full or part-time studies such as an apprenticeship, certificate, diploma or degree program are eligible to apply for the Level Up Alumni Awards.

Yes! All SAIT graduates who have received a formal credential from SAIT qualify for these awards.

No. There are a limited number of awards in each category. They are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. See award information above.

The intent of the award is for you to have the most flexibility possible to determine your future. All Centre for Continuing Education and Professional Studies (CCEPS) courses, including micro-credentials, badges or other stackable components, will be considered eligible for this purpose.

SAIT intends to continue this student awards program for alumni in the future, provided there is funding available.

It depends on which award you're applying for.

Certificate, diploma or degree Level Up Alumni Awards are awarded upon entrance to your program, which may or may not, run for more than a calendar year. You can apply for the credit award once during the program.

The School for Advanced Digital Technology (SADT) and Continuing Education awards are available once per academic year and alumni can apply for an award once every year.

Support the re-skilling of your alumni family is easy. You can make a donation online or purchase products through SAIT's affinity partnerships that help deliver alumni services and resources.

Thank you

These awards have been made possible by - you! 

The funding for these awards comes from SAIT’s affinity partners, TD Insurance Meloche Monnex and Manulife. Alumni who purchase products through these partnerships are supporting their fellow alumni through programs like the Level Up Alumni Awards. It’s a win-win-win for SAIT, our partners, and you – our alumni family! 

Alumni events and programs are funded with support from our partners, TD Insurance and Manulife.


Student Awards

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