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Celebrating 100 years of history

In September 1922, the big oak doors of Heritage Hall opened to students for the first time. Now, 100 years later more than 260,000 graduates have left to build their careers. 

Join us as we commemorate the first 100 years of the heart of SAIT — and the city of Calgary — through an eight-part audio series, shared memories and stories from SAIT alumni, employees and neighbours, events and much more. 

If these walls could talk podcast title graphic"If These Halls Could Talk"

To celebrate the 100th birthday of the iconic Heritage Hall building, we have created a dynamic and intriguing eight-episode audio series called, If These Halls Could Talk — 2022 Platinum winner of the Hermes Creative Awards. Listen as historians, your fellow alumni and friends of SAIT discuss the creation of the castle on the hill, its vital role in Canadian military history and how careers were launched from its walls.

Take a journey through history with us starting with The castle on the hill. Listen with headphones for a full listening experience.

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In this episode, Calgary historian and author David Finch and the CEO of Heritage Calgary, Josh Traptow (AIM ’11), illustrate the city’s physical and economic landscape in the early 1900s and trace how, in 1922, PITA moved from its original location in Inglewood to its permanent home — the stately brick building PITA shared with the Calgary Normal School.

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Join Heritage Calgary CEO, Josh Traptow (AIM ’11), and Calgary historian and author David Finch as they sculpt out details of the structure, explore the inspiration behind its architectural origins and reflect on what it meant to Calgarians 100 years ago.

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In less than one week at the start of the Second World War, the Provincial Institute of Technology and Art moved all of its students to temporary classrooms throughout the city. Learn how the No. 2 Wireless School played a key role during the war and more.

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Listen as three University Demonstration School (UDS) alumni who have been friends for more than 70 years — Murray Cameron, Ruth Hindle (Ironside) and Brock Smith — recount childhood memories from their days at UDS.

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Listen as art historian Lisa Christensen sets the Heritage Hall murals in historical context, and as renowned Canadian sculptor Katie Ohe (Art ‘58) shares memories of the lifelong impact studying at PITA has had on her art. 

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From lobbying the government to student support and campus events, former Saitsa presidents Brigitte Matheson (BA ‘15) and Andre Mamprin (BA ‘89) reflect on the frolics and achievements during their time in office. 

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Join architect Alan Gardner, Power Engineering instructor Jim Ireland and former associate dean for the MacPhail School of Energy Dan Violini as they reminisce about modernizing Heritage Hall and trace its transformation over recent years.

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Join Brian Bowman, Director of Alumni and Development at SAIT, and Larry Macdonald, a strong supporter who has served SAIT in many ways, as they discuss the ways philanthropy nurtures great cities, the excitement of restoring Heritage Hall during the 1980s and how giving back enables students to succeed today and in the future.

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Behind the making of "If These Halls Could Talk"

What goes into hearing history?

SAIT alumnus Ron Tarrant (RTBN '08, OYA '16) takes us behind the scenes and into the production booth to share what it took to create the eight-part audio series If These Halls Could Talk.  

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Elizabeth "Bessie" Bertie

1934 Industrial Dressmaking and Millinery graduate

"It was the Depression, so most (no one) had money to go away on weekend trips. My girlfriend and I did take some shooting lessons in the basement [of Heritage Hall]. We had to lie down on pads and had to avoid hitting the pipes and other things. We had a few lessons, but since we had to pay for our ammunition, we began to run short of money — so we quit."

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