Applied Virtual Reality

Digital Transformation Bootcamp

Coming 2021/22

Length: 10 weeks full-time Credential: Certificate of Achievement Delivery: Online

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Immerse yourself in the rapidly advancing world of virtual reality technology.

This unique 10-week full-time Applied Virtual Reality bootcamp program is designed to empower individuals who are curious about or interested in exploring the emerging opportunities, roles and career pathways in the virtual reality industry. Virtual Reality (VR) is an emerging industry in the digital economy and many companies with a digital footprint are looking at integrating VR into their ecosystem.

This program is perfect for individuals who have a growth mindset and an interest in the interrelationship between coding, design and logic, and are looking to acquire the essential and technical skills in VR design and development to launch innovative products.

Graduates of the program will come away with the skills to develop Virtual Reality experiences  including 3D modelling and animation, design, and client engagement skills  — to create a tangible enterprise-ready product portfolio. 

In this collaborative and multi-disciplinary program you will work directly with a product manager to design and develop a VR experience that solves problems for a real client. We’ll also support you in building your network in business and VR to support your career growth. Join us and our experienced VR professionals, as you evolve your skills to meet the growing demand for virtual reality wizards in Alberta’s emerging technology-driven economy.

Powered by the DX Talent Hub and delivered in partnership with InceptionU and Red Iron Labs, you will learn:

  • Technical skills:
      • 3D Modelling (using Blender)
      • 3D Animation (using Blender)
      • Virtual Reality Development (using Unity 3D)
      • C # Software Development
  • Essential skills:
      • Critical thinking
      • Computational thinking
      • Systems thinking
      • Problem setting and solving
      • Executive functioning and cognitive skills
      • Data storytelling and communication
      • Collaboration, networking, communication, and presentation skills
  • Business skills
      • Client engagement
      • Requirements gathering

Certificate of Achievement 

Graduates will receive a SAIT School for Advanced Digital Technology Certificate of Achievement.

Certifications are an elite and distinguished way to demonstrate expertise and knowledge in the most innovative technological fields, which can be useful in competitive markets.

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The best way to predict the future... is to invent it.

-Alan Kay

As with all DX Talent Hub programs, the Digital Transformation Bootcamp – Applied Virtual Reality has been developed by working closely with industry and education partners. We are proud to deliver the program in partnership with InceptionU and Red Iron Labs.

About our partners:

InceptionU is a non-profit educational institution designing learning solutions to address the skills gaps in our rapidly-changing economy. Our programs are designed to build competencies individuals and organizations need for the future of work. Programs are immersive, discovery-driven, and experience-based in an active, challenging, and supportive environment.
             Red Iron Labs
Red Iron Labs was established in 2016 and is based in Calgary, AB. Originally created as a virtual reality game studio, we are a leading company in animation, narrative virtual reality, storytelling, and immersive learning.  Our team consists of highly skilled multimedia creators, XR developers, and talented 3D artists and animators creating highly immersive and realistic environments and experiences. ​

Giving careers a reboot with the DX Talent Hub

With the ripple effects of an unstable energy sector and the onset of the COVID-economy, Silvia Contreras took the news of her recent layoff as an opportunity to reflect and plan the next steps in pivoting her career.

Admission requirements

Successful applicants will demonstrate the following:

  • Digitally literate, comfortable with technology
  • Some exposure to coding
  • Understands logic and sequence
  • Proof of English proficiency

You are open to:

  • Change and learning
  • Interest in logic and coding
  • Curious about VR
  • Exploring your creative mind

Application process

Submit your application

We’re here to help you from the start! A DX Talent and Career Specialist will work with you to identify the right program and help you through the enrolment process. To begin, connect with us, and an advisor will contact you within the next business day.


Admission will be extended on a first-qualified, first-offered basis until the program is full.


This is a 10-week day-time program:

  • Project work times may vary, week to week and attendee to attendee.
  • Alberta residents, and full-time, day-time delivery. Students have to be available for the courses at their scheduled time.

Career support

  • Awareness of potential roles and opportunities after completing this program and additional skills needed to pursue other complementary/specialized roles.
  • Strategies and tactics to search for and connect with relevant employment opportunities.
  • Resume writing, interviewing, and personal branding
  • Creation of a personal portfolio of work demonstrating skills in program competencies.
  • Networking (guest speakers, panel discussions, industry events, industry projects)

Together we'll explore

  • We will work with you to help you understand your strengths and areas for growth.
  • This program will be a combination of online instructor-led learning and self-directed learning.
  • You will work on real industry projects and have exposure to a variety of experts working in the Virtual Reality industry
  • Use of textures, scripts, objects, components, and other Unity basics to develop virtual reality models

Learning materials

Your course facilitator will direct you to any materials needed to support your work through this course.

Have questions about this program?

Contact us at

School for Advanced Digital Technology

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