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Our Brand

SAIT brand character

Our new brand identity captures the character attributes we want to reinforce in the SAIT experience:

  • full of energy
  • active and vibrant
  • warm and welcoming
  • dynamic, responsive and adaptable
  • strong, confident and proud

The SAIT identity story

Our new logo is a powerful emblem of SAIT's unique community and learning experiences. Each element of the identity is embedded with meaning:

Our "Catalyst" symbol

The emblem in the SAIT logo is called the Catalyst - an activator of change. SAIT's symbol is forged by five s-shaped connectors representing the people and relationships that define us:

The SAIT logo

  • students
  • faculty and staff
  • alumni
  • employers and partners
  • the diverse communities we serve

As the connectors weave together, they create a series of interlocking infinity symbols that reflect the breadth of our offerings and the world of opportunities SAIT enables.

The star that emerges at the heart of our Catalyst expresses our passion for excellence, as professionals and as a community.

SAIT's international outlook and global collaborations are echoed in the spherical shape of our symbol.

Our colours

SAIT red and blue are defining elements of SAIT's heritage. We've complemented our heritage colours with more energizing hues to reflect our diversity, adaptability and innovation.

Our typeface

Modern, bold typography energizes our visual expression. Details count. The SAIT wordmark includes proprietary detailing on the upward stroke on the letter "A" to project our future-forward attitudes.

We are a one-of-a-kind home for shapers, makers and groundbreaking originals. Ever-evolving, dynamic and flexible — all the elements of SAIT's visual identity system help express our character and bring our brand story to life in exciting, vibrant ways.

Requesting the SAIT logo

Due to trademark specifications and the need to uphold our logo's image, third parties must request the logo through the Marketing department.

To request a logo complete our Trademark License Agreement (TLA) form.

Complete form

The logo cannot be released until the completed TLA form has been mutually agreed upon and signed by both parties.

See our complete Brand Guidelines.

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