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Working change from the inside out

The Centre for Academic Development and Innovation (CADI) is responsible for supporting SAIT and it's academic leaders and instructors in the pursuit of innovative principles and practices in teaching and learning, in addition to the facilitation and implementation of integrated quality systems at SAIT. 

Program quality

SAIT’s quality journey begins with CADI. Program evaluation, and program monitoring and reporting are all essential parts of the quality assurance ecosystem at SAIT. Student success is enabled by engaging faculty and staff in rigorous conversations and critical reflection about program quality, then enacting change as part of those conversations.

Program feedback

Student feedback is a vital part of any learning process — it improves course content and helps instructors enhance their teaching.

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Innovative pedagogy

CADI’s goal is to positively impact learner experience through developmental and continuous improvement activities for academic staff, and particularly faculty and academic chairs. CADI sees itself as change champions, and succeeds while being fully integrated into the institution. CADI is a hub for faculty who want to partner in learning ventures, small-scale pilots, experiments, and Communities of Practice.

Tune in to our podcast - designed for SAIT's Makers, Shapers, and Originals.

Join us as we speak with different faculty, staff, or leader from SAIT to share what they are doing in their own practice that has impacted their students, their peers, or the institute.

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Faculty development and resources

Curriculum quality

CADI is a leader in all curriculum review activities at SAIT. Changes to curriculum support current and relevant industry practices and continue responsively to support the innovation of curriculum.

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