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Peer Mentorship Program

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Peer mentorship is a unique opportunity to connect with your SAIT classmates. Both having a student mentor and being one is a great way to build confidence and enhance essential skills that help you stand out to employers.

Whether you’re starting at SAIT and could use some advice from someone who’s done it all before or looking ahead to graduation and getting hired, being involved with peer mentorship can have a huge impact. 


Fall 2021 — Online!

Peer Mentorship will not be offered for the Spring/Summer 2021 term. The mentorship program will return for the Fall 2021 term starting Monday, September 20. Be sure to sign up over the summer and reserve your spot for this very popular and successful program. All mentorship activity will occur online using Microsoft Teams or face to face when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. Program and application details are available below. Applications for both mentees and mentors will be open for the fall from June 1 to September 10.

Program details

The peer mentorship program matches senior student mentors with mentees from any program and in any year or semester. Matches become part of a structured relationship and are based on a common program of study.

A mentor may be matched with a single mentee or with several mentees to form a small group. Mentors and mentees meet for approximately one hour per week. All mentoring activity occurs online through Microsoft Teams or face to face when COVID- 19 restrictions are lifted.

Note: Mentoring is not the same as counselling or tutoring. If you are in need of these services, please contact Student Development and Counselling or Academic Coaching and Tutoring Services

Get a peer mentor

Gain confidence and insight to help you navigate campus life at SAIT throughout your SAIT journey.

Sign up for a peer mentor to:

  • meet new people and expand your community
  • improve your communication, critical thinking and collaboration skills
  • learn about resources and services on campus
  • develop networking, professional and relationship-building skills
  • gain credit for your co-curricular record
  • start your life-long mentorship journey.

Get a peer mentor

Did you know? Studies show having a mentor improves GPA, course completion and increases confidence, motivation and self-belief.

Be a peer mentor

Boost your leadership skills and help a new student adjust to life on campus. Support student success by referring your mentee to useful resources, encouraging them to get involved and providing guidance on how to succeed at SAIT.

To qualify as a peer mentor, you must:

  • be in your second semester or higher
  • maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better
  • be in good standing with the Office of Student Conduct
  • demonstrate an ability to engage and encourage others
  • demonstrate empathy towards the ideas and experiences of others
  • be passionate about your SAIT experience.

As a peer mentor, you will: 

  • enhance your self-awareness through positive role modelling
  • put your engaging communication techniques and critical-thinking abilities into practice
  • build relationships along with your interpersonal skills
  • contribute to a great campus culture
  • improve your career profile and gain credit for your co-curricular record.

Training and support will be provided. 

Be a peer mentor

Did you know? Studies show being a mentor increases academic performance, self-understanding, communication and personal growth.

Note: Mentors are not tutors — they are not expected to assist mentees with coursework.


Contact  student.engagement@sait.ca 

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