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Foundational Learning Assistance Program

The Foundational Learning Assistance Program provides funding for Albertans on a first-come, first-served basis to qualified applicants attending English Language Foundations, Academic Upgrading or the Indigenous Pathways Program. Learner eligibility is determined by Advanced Education for both full and part-time study status.

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Applying for upgrading?

Once you have applied to the program, your transcripts will be reviewed by the academic upgrading team to determine the appropriate level of upgrading courses. Placement testing may be required. 

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Registered for a course? Here's what to expect. 


During the course registration process, courses may be offered through several different delivery methods. 

  • Online Synchronous - Courses are held online and scheduled at a specific time that the students are expected to attend.
  • Online Asynchronous - Courses are held online but are not scheduled at a specific time. Students should consult Brightspace D2L for specific course completion dates and deadlines. 
  • Daytime - Courses are held in-person Monday - Friday, before 6 PM.
  • Evening - Courses are held in person on weekdays from 6 PM or later. 
  • Online - Your course activity is done online Monday - Friday, before 6 PM. 
  • Blended Delivery - Both On-Campus and Online - Some of your coursework will be in-person, on-campus and some will be done online.

Regular attendance is linked closely with student success in courses. This attendance and retention policy aims to help students succeed by providing them with avenues to meet with staff to address issues affecting attendance and course success.

Attendance is taken during each class. Students will be recorded as present, late, absent-excused, or absent-unexcused. Instructors will monitor attendance and marks regularly. If you have any concerns about your attendance or other matters affecting your performance in class, you can book a meeting with us or call to make an appointment.  

Please review the following policy and procedure documents. 


Students may be withdrawn from their course based on their absence record in any of the following scenarios. Students who are withdrawn will be sent notifications to their SAIT email accounts.

  • Unexcused absences
    • Students who do not attend (in person or online) the first three days of their classes without prior notification and approval from the Academic Services office and their instructors.
    • Students who accumulate 12 hours of unexcused absences from any course (6 two-hour classes for fall/winter; 4 three-hour classes in spring/summer). 
  • Total absences (excused or unexcused combined)
    • Students who accumulate 18 hours of any combination of excused and unexcused absences from any course (9 two-hour classes for fall/winter; 6 three-hour classes in spring/summer). 
    • An absence will be considered “excused” at the discretion of the instructor. Each instructor will discuss with students on the first day of class what is considered an “excused” absence and what documentation is required.


Students who want to appeal an instructor assigning an unexcused absence versus an excused absence or other attendance-related matters must speak to their instructor first to attempt to resolve the matter. If this is not possible, the student can contact the Learner Services office and request an appeal appointment with the chair. The decision of the chair is final and binding.

Missed/late assignments, quizzes, labs, exams, and other assessments

Instructors will discuss their policies on missed/late assignments, quizzes, exams, and excused and unexcused absences on the first day of class.


To withdraw from a course, consult the Academic Services office. Except in extenuating circumstances approved by the Registrar’s office, withdrawals cannot be processed after the withdrawal deadline.

If a student has enough absences to result in withdrawal from the course, staff will process the withdrawal. However, if some of the absences occur close to the withdrawal deadline, there may be insufficient time to process a withdrawal, resulting in a failing percentage (<50%) on the student’s transcript. If absences occur after the withdrawal deadline, except in extenuating cases approved by the Registrar, withdrawals are no longer possible and the student will receive a failing percentage.

FLP/SIP funded students

Students unsure of the AEI attendance policy can contact the Foundational Learning Program/Skills Investment Program (FLP/SIP) office.

SFLP/SIP-funded students will have their attendance, and marks as requested, reported to the funding office regularly.


The Learner Services office will report athlete attendance, and marks if needed, to Athletics on request and also if an athlete has missed the number of classes specified in this document. Withdrawal from a course can remove a student from athletic eligibility.


Feedback is a vital part of any learning process — it improves course content and helps instructors enhance their teaching. Watch your SAIT student email towards the end of the academic year for a link to our student feedback questionnaires. 

Ways to give feedback

Did you know?

Many foundational and elective courses in your program are delivered by an instructor from Academic Services. Courses include communications and liberal arts studies, math and engineering sciences, philosophy, business math and technology literacy. 

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