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Butchery and Charcuterie Management

Open for Winter 2021

Length: 1 Year Credential: Certificate Delivery: Full Time Classroom

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This program will be delivered in a blended format for the Fall 2020 term. The majority of courses will take place online, with certain labs and hands-on learning scheduled on campus.


Learn specialized skills in meat cutting and charcuterie, along with customer service and business management for a career as a butcher or meat inspector.

A one-of-a-kind educational experience in Canada, the Butchery and Charcuterie Management certificate will provide you with comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge in meat science, processing and management - all required for entry into this rapidly growing trade.

At SAIT, we continue to set the standard for excellence in culinary education. The Butchery and Charcuterie Management program is another example of training based on what employers are looking for, and preparing our students for success in the global hospitality industry.

During this full-time one-year certificate program, you will work in state-of-the-art facilities as you gain practical skills in value-added butchery, carcass identification and breaking, sanitation and much more.

Specific to charcuterie, you will learn extensive curing and product creation methods for salamis, sausages, prosciutto, cured and smoked products along with a host of other proteins. We focus on sustainability and help you understand where the product came from, how to process it and how to get the most value from it.

By preparing proteins for our dynamic Market Place at SAIT and the new student-run butcher shop, you will also learn how to properly cut and present proteins, as well as gain skills in customer service and business management.


After successfully completing this program, graduates will receive a SAIT certificate in Butchery and Charcuterie Management.

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Career opportunities

Graduates can pursue job opportunities locally and abroad as a(n): 

  • butcher 
  • in-store meat cutter 
  • consultant 
  • owner/operator 
  • meat inspector 

Related careers include: 

  • merchandiser 
  • culinarian 

Tuition and fees per year*

Year 3: $7,094
Year 4: $2,225
Year 3 (International): $23,183
Year 4 (International): $6,832

*Tuition, fees, books and supply costs are subject to change

Full costs

Tuition and financial aid

Admission requirements

This is a direct entry program. Applicants who meet the admission requirements are offered spots based on first qualified, first acceptance if space is available.

When can you apply?

  • Applications are accepted until the program start date.
  • Applications for fall 2020 open Oct. 2, 2019.
  • Application for winter 2021 open March 30, 2020
Term Program start
Fall 2020 Sept. 8, 2020 
Winter 2021 Jan. 11, 2021

Making it happen

After 16 years in nursing, Melinda Hubbard decided it was time to put her happiness at the forefront and pursued an entirely different career as a butcher.

Admission Requirements

Admission and selection

  • Winter 2021 start: applications are accepted March 30, 2020 to Dec. 1, 2020

Admission requirements

A minimum of 35 Alberta high school credits with at least 50% in the following courses or their equivalents:

  • Math 10C or Math 10-3 or Pure Math 10 or Applied Math 10
  • English Language Arts 10-1 or English Language Arts 10-2 or Humanities 10.

All applicants must demonstrate English Language Proficiency prior to admission, including students educated in Canada.

SAIT accepts high school course equivalents for admission. If you don't meet the requirements, consider Academic Upgrading.

SAIT evaluates international documents for admissions. After you've applied, consider our international document assessment service if your education is from outside of Canada. 

Competitive entry: seven-step process

Step 1: Read the program information to see the qualities needed for student success.

Step 2: Ensure that you meet all of the admission requirements listed above.

Step 3: Review the selection information to understand the process and deadlines.

In the selection process, qualified applicants will be invited to attend an interview with representatives of the Butchery and Charcuterie Management program. Offers of admission will be determined based on the interview.

  • We encourage applicants to apply early as the program will fill quickly. Once the program is full, qualified applicants will be waitlisted.
  • Preference will be given to applicants with industry experience.
  • International students and students applying from outside of Calgary will be able to conduct the interview over the phone.
  • Failure to attend an interview will result in your status changing to “Declined through Selection”. If this happens and you are still interested in the program, then you must contact 403-284-8612 and speak to the Academic Advisor.

Step 4: Apply to Butchery and Charcuterie Management and submit your transcripts.

Step 5: Log in to mySAIT.ca to check your admission status. If eligible, your status will indicate that you're "In Selection."

Step 6: Check your e-mail for an e-mail from the School of Hospitality and Tourism to arrange for and attend an interview. You must contact the School of Hospitality and Tourism within 10 business days to book an interview.

Step 7: Continue to monitor changes to your application status through mySAIT.ca.

Failure to meet anticipated final grades will result in offers being rescinded. 

Communication during selection

Email is the primary source of communication during the selection process. Ensure your personal email account is managed appropriately to receive our emails, files and communications. 

We recommend you add culinary@sait.ca and the sait.ca domain to your safe senders' list or you risk missing critical email messages. 


Program outline

Looking for course descriptions and requisites? Visit the course catalogue

Semester 1

Course code Course name Credit
FSAN-207 Food Handling and Safety 1.5
MEAT-206 Meat Science I 3.0
MEAT-208 Meat Management I 3.0
MEAT-210 Charcuterie and Cooking Trends 1.5
MEAT-212 Practical Shop I 6.0
Semester 1 total 15.0

Semester 2

Course code Course name Credit
MEAT-220 Charcuterie and Value Added Products 3.0
MEAT-222 Practical Shop II 6.0
MEAT-226 Meat Management II 3.0
MEAT-228 Meat Science II 3.0
Semester 2 total 15.0
Program total 30.0


Students must attain a PGPA and/or a CGPA of 2.0 or better in each semester and pass the necessary prerequisite courses to progress through the program. To qualify for graduation, students must pass all courses, attain a CGPA of 2.0 or better and complete course requirements within the prescribed timelines.

Transfer options

The opportunity to advance your education through transfer to, within or from SAIT is available. Visit Transfer Options to learn more.


Domestic Tuition and Fees*

Year Tuition fees SAIT fees Saitsa fees Health & Dental Plan 2020/21 total
1 $5,712 $682 $288 $252 $6,934

International Tuition and Fees*

Year Tuition fees SAIT fees Saitsa fees Health & Dental Plan 2020/21 total
1 $20,738 $682 $288 $344 $22,051

*Fees and tuition are based on a two-semester full course load structure.


Campus athletic and recreation Fee: $171.20
Universal transit pass (UPass): $310 - Check eligibility here.
Student support fee: $100
Student technology fee: $100

Health and Dental Fees

Domestic Students 

  • Health Plan: $122
  • Dental Plan: $130
  • For students with existing health and/or dental plans, please refer to the Saitsa website for information on opting out.

International Students 

  • Health and Dental Plan: $344
  • For more information on Health and Dental Benefits for International students please contact the International Centre.

Books and supplies*

* Tuition, fees, books and supply costs are subject to change.

Next steps for incoming students

Have you been accepted to this program? Here's what you'll need for your first day of classes.

Important dates and deadlines

Find important dates applicable to all students, including your transcript and tuition payment deadlines on our Important Dates page.

Important Dates

How to register for classes

You'll follow a fixed block registration process to enrol in your classes. Learn how to register on our registration and schedules page.

Computers and laptops

This is a bring your own device program with a standard hardware and software requirement. See the specific requirements on our computers and laptops page

Required equipment/tools: Knives will be supplied by SAIT with the option to purchase:

Butchery Knife Kit (purchased at Orientation)

  • 10-inch or 12-inch steak knife ($75)
  • 6-inch boning knife ($20)
  • Deposit for steel mesh glove and steel mesh belly guard (provided with annual laundry fee of $250)
  • 12- to 14-inch steel ($100)

Required uniform: One of your first steps to becoming a student in the Butchery and Charcuterie Management program is to be sure you have the required attire (same for male and female students) on your first day of class, and dress appropriately throughout the entire program.

  • Hat ($20) - May be purchased from the Market Place in the John Ware building
  • Lab coat, full apron and black pants are provided with an annual laundry fee of $210 and issued twice weekly from the laundry facilities in the John Ware building
  • Black non-slip shoes ($90 - $140) - Purchase at a retailer of your choice (Note: Invest in good quality, comfortable black non-slip shoes – you will be on your feet all day in this program and in your career).

Required personal protective equipment (PPE)

Butchery Student Uniform (provided by SAIT), Professional Kitchen Shoes (can be purchased at Orientation or through outside vendor like Marks), Professional Knife Kit (purchased at Orientation)

Preparation courses

To support your success, SAIT offers some short courses before classes start, including PREP 100: The SAIT Experience and ETHI 110: SAIT Ethical Practices. 

Required textbooks

The booklist will be available about two weeks before classes start.

Can’t find your program or course? The bookstore didn't receive a textbook list. Contact your program directly to determine if they’re still refining course details or if you're in luck, no textbook purchase required this term.

Anticipated total supply costs: You will need to purchase books and program supplies in your first week. Your books and supplies will cost approximately $850. This is not included in your tuition.


Phone: 403.284.8612
Email: hospitality.info@sait.ca

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School of Hospitality and Tourism

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