Meeting Calgary’s demand for tech talent

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From working with industry to launching new programs — SAIT’s School for Advanced Digital Technology is ready to answer the growing demand for tech talent.

Calgary is leading the charge as the technology destination of choice!

Our city is innovating, accelerating and implementing transformation at an expedited pace, never lived before. All industries are transforming— from energy and health to manufacturing and transportation — by leveraging digital and advanced technology.

We’re experiencing unprecedented growth, job creation, and attracting new talent looking to upskill and explore new career pathways. Our city is in a unique geographical location where energy and oil continue to diversify our economy — and create new jobs.

In support of this demand, SAIT’s School for Advanced Digital Technology (SADT) continues to create a strong talent funnel, in alignment with industry needs. Thanks to the transformational donation from philanthropist David Bisset that sparked SADT, our ability to grow and advance has been expedited and we’re launching a number of new programs annually.

Working with industry to create programs means students get hands-on, future-ready skills to prepare them for the realities of the workforce — as soon as they graduate. We also offer mid-career training and post-diploma certificates for those looking to building on their experiences and transition into a tech career.

What makes our programs stand out is the delivery, as we require students to have a face-to-face component since the next generation of talent needs both the human and technical skills to meet the demands of the tech workforce. This is especially important for students who are new to post-secondary. We must prepare them for the growth and expectations of the booming local tech industry.

According to Alberta government labour market research, tech jobs are among the top positions employers are looking to fill over the next few years. More specifically, two of the most high-demand fields include programmers, information systems analysts and consultants.

For example, SADT’s Information Technology diploma prepares students for these fields by giving them specialized skills in Information Technology Services, Software Development and Security. Some of the biggest pipelines we’re seeing right now are in our Software Development and Object-Oriented Software Development programs. The demand for those skills is high across sectors, and we now offer both fall, winter and spring start dates.

We are working more closely than ever with partners on our program designs to create opportunities for work-integrated learning within those programs. We’ve heard that the industry needs diverse talent, mid-career upskilling and advanced credentials such as post-diplomas and degrees — these are the problems SADT is actively solving.

If you’re wondering what’s next, we invite you to join us as partners in cultivating the next generation of tech talent. Whether you’re a corporation, start-up or a consultant — we need your insights, ideas and thoughts around key considerations to help shape Calgary’s future. 

Reach out, we look forward to connecting with you!

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