Unidentified Floating Object found at SAIT

Footage shows orb hovering above steps of Heritage Hall
Footage shows orb hovering above steps of Heritage Hall

The SAIT community had an unexpected visitor to campus Friday morning, when a floating spherical orb was found just outside century-old Heritage Hall. Students and employees stopped to take photos before the orb was carefully retrieved for testing.

“It appears to be made of titanium,” says David Zajdlik, Director of Safety and Community Services. “We will activate Level Six of our safety protocols and transfer it to a secure location for examination before taking next steps.”

Experts have been called in from the different schools on campus to help assess the risks of opening such a vessel. The safety of our SAIT community is our top priority, so the orb will only be opened when that safety is guaranteed.

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Back to the future

After implementing safety checks, the SAIT team discovered a clasp at the bottom of the orb. It opened to reveal a hollow inside stuffed with what appeared to be packing paper, a miniature figurine of a cake, a dropper full of a yellow-green liquid and a scroll.

SAIT staff opened the scroll and discovered the following message:

Dear SAIT Community,

We are students in the School of Business’ BBA – Supply Management Program. As part of our capstone project, we’ve created this Delivery Expedient Unit, or DEU, as an answer to ongoing supply chain and transport problems related to the price of gas for freighters and planes (we looked it up and can’t believe the prices in 2022! $1.65/litre would be a dream. Now, it’s $545.75/litre so I recommend embracing cycling). The DEU, in conjunction with space movement technology pioneered by the School for Advanced Digital Technology, will allow items to be shipped and transported across the globe, and even time. Inside you will find something culinary students whipped up as a token of our congratulations for your 2022 CEOWORLD rankings for both the School of Business and School of Hospitality and Tourism.

We’re from the SAIT graduating class of 2064, and we know good things will continue to come your way #HereAtSAIT (and yes — TikTok and Instagram still exist, but mostly our grandparents use them).

Goodbye from the future!

Habidi George and Liselle Lucas, BBA, Supply Management


Use the liquid on the cake.


The paper the note was written on is being tested now while two members of the SAIT community don protective gear and prepare to drop the liquid one the cake figurine.


UPDATE | 10:45 am

In a stunning turn of events, the yellow-green liquid has made the tiny cake big again. Like a real-life Alice in Wonderland, one SAIT employee bravely dripped the fluid onto the figurine and it turned out to be some kind of growth serum.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” says Allison Pinsch, Communications Specialist, Communications. “It just kind of … grew. There was this strange smoke and a flash of light and then a full-sized cake.”

Hypotheses are being made based on the message also found in the orb. The object does fit the description given by the unknown Habidi George and Liselle Lucas, who claim to have invited a Delivery Expedient Unit, or DEU.

Could they really have sent it from 2064?

The footage is convincing. If it’s true, SAIT students may have solved one of the world’s biggest shipping problems.



UPDATE | 11:30 am

April fools! We hope you had fun following along. Of course, it’s totally believable that future SAIT students will continue to solve industry challenges and create some of tomorrow’s most-needed tools. Our world-class schools ensure they graduate career-ready for whatever the future holds.

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