SAITMicro builds skills in high performance construction

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Short, skill-focused and stackable — SAIT’s latest offering through the Centre for Continuing Education and Professional Studies is micro-credentials.

Alumnus Erik Sundby (ACPP ’15, CVT ’17) is always looking to further his education. When he saw SAIT was offering a certificate in High Performance Residential Design and Construction, he jumped at the chance to learn more.

A builder at Mattamy Homes, Sundby signed up to expand his knowledge of high-performance design to create durable, efficient and comfortable homes. He has since completed all five certificate courses — from Introduction to High performance Homes to High Performance Construction and Detailing — through the Construction micro-credential program.

Why SAITMicro? Why now? 🏡

Our industry is changing. With the plans for 2030 net-zero energy ready and 2050 net zero, now is the right time to get ahead.

Not only did I know the certificate would be beneficial to my career as a builder, after recently becoming a father, I’ve been thinking about how my actions in this industry can impact the future of the world my son will live in.

What skills are you hoping to build? 🏡

Having a good understanding of conventional residential design from my previous education and experience, I was excited to learn about the methods and materials being used in net zero, zero carbon and passive homes.

What was the best thing about your SAITMicro courses? 🏡

Being a SAIT alum, I know the quality of content and instructors is excellent. The online courses were interesting and engaging. The certificate didn’t disappoint.

What’s one thing you’ve learned? 🏡

My biggest takeaway was how simple modifications to some of our current building practices can have a big impact on performance. It’s not just about having the right design, correct installation is critical.

In 10 words or less, why take a SAITMicro course? 🏡

Innovative topics, informative content, engaging classes and practical skills.


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