New micro-credentials develop in-demand skills

Dream big with SAITMicro
Dream big with SAITMicro

Good things really do come in small packages.

SAIT’s new micro-credentials — SAITMicro — are short, specialized, stackable courses designed to develop real-world skills quickly.

Demystifying micro-credentials

You may have heard the buzzword before, but no two definitions are the same.

“Micro-credential means different things to different people,” says Chris Wharton, Product Manager, Centre for Continuing Education and Professional Studies.

“It may help to think of a sliding scale, with open badges (received after attending a webinar or workshop) on one end and micro-credentials (earned through a more formal learning experience with a skills assessment) on the other.”

Here are a few traits you can generally expect from a micro-credential:

  • a competency-based learning experience
  • short and focused on specific skills
  • industry-recognized and shareable

SAITMicro checks all of these boxes — and a few more.

Why upskill with SAITMicro?

Industry-informed, hands-on curriculum is what makes a SAIT education stand out from the rest. The same holds true for our micro-credentials — courses are specialized, delivering in-demand competencies aligned with industry standards and practices.

“SAITMicro courses help students build transferable, sought-after skills for success in the workplace,” says Patty Moore, Curriculum Development Specialist, Centre for Continuing Education and Professional Studies.

Whether you’re ready to draft and read blueprints with AutoCAD, master one of the most popular programming languages or boost your abilities in agile project management, get the practical skills you want and industry needs.

Far from a participation certificate, SAITMicro includes a formal evaluation to verify your competencies. That means peers and employers can trust you’ve achieved the required grade to earn a micro-credential from SAIT.

Leery about the dollar or time commitment of upskilling? SAITMicro courses are affordable and quick to complete, with current offerings ranging from 18 to 33 hours over various durations.

And starting small doesn’t mean you can’t dream big — eligible micro-credentials are stackable, meaning you can apply them towards earning a higher related credential.

The proof is in the badge

When you’ve earned your micro-credential, shout it from the (digital) rooftops with a SAITMicro digital badge.

It’s a visual, verifiable, secure and shareable asset used to showcase your learning achievement and high academic standing. More than an image to pretty up your LinkedIn profile, digital badges add credibility by linking to metadata that tells the full story of your credential — the details of your achievement and where and how you earned it.

SAIT has partnered with Credly, a secure industry-leading platform for digital credentials to allow you to share the badges you earn with your network.

“Students can earn and market their credentials as they go,” says Moore.

Building blocks for the career you want

Develop the skills you need to succeed — fast. Check out our suite of SAITMicro courses.

Learning for Life

We prepare students for successful careers and lives.

Strategic plan

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