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Trends in security and cybersecurity

Challenges, opportunities and what’s next in keeping information safe
Challenges, opportunities and what’s next in keeping information safe.

As organizations undergo digital transformation, security and cybersecurity professionals must employ the latest best practices to keep important information safe.

Catherine Loughlean, Director, Risk Advisory and Cyber Risk Services with Deloitte Canada talks challenges, opportunities and the future of security with Dr. Raynie Wood, Dean of SAIT’s School for Advanced Digital Technology.

6 key cybersecurity trends

With the digital landscape changing rapidly, Loughlean highlights some of the key trends in the field today:

  • ensuring a basic level of cyber hygiene — maintaining computers and devices, and taking steps to improve online security
  • investing in a “secure by design” approach — building security into software systems at the foundation.
  • focus of efforts towards counterintelligence to thwart advanced threats — truly leveraging a predictive model for cyber security as compared to preventative.
  • equal importance given to recoverability and prevention
  • an increase in (self) regulation
  • the necessity for automation in response to a talent shortage.
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