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SAIT President's Awards

SAIT is proud to recognize and celebrate transformational community impact, partnership and student leadership. This year we have joined forces to include nominations for SAIT's spring valedictorian at convocation, along with the President's Awards.

2021 Award Nominations

Nominations for President's Awards are now closed.

Categories for nomination are:
•   Closed — Business, corporation, foundation, association ( President's Partnership )
•   Closed — SAIT student clubs and groups ( President's Student Leadership)
•   Closed — Individual graduating students ( President's Medal,Valedictorian)

President's Medal

On the occasion of SAIT's Centennial, President Dr. David Ross inaugurated the President's Medal to celebrate outstanding student achievement.  Recipients of the President's Medal will have made significant contributions to campus life, demonstrated leadership with industry and achieved excellence in their field of study.

Submissions for this award could include examples of the following:

  • Collaboration and connection with industry
  • Projects to improve campus life for students
  • Projects, activities or volunteer efforts that strengthen SAIT's reputation in the community

This award is open only to graduating students with a GPA greater than 3.0.

Nominations for President's Medal are closed.

Past recipients of the President's Medal
  • 2020 — Ryan Morstad
  • 2020 — Yatendra Solanki
  • 2019 — Sara Land
  • 2018 — Akhil Sharma
  • 2017 — Hamzah Al Hakime
  • 2017 — Yekaterina (Kat) Giyasova


Convocation is one of the most important times for SAIT students. They have worked hard to achieve their credential and look forward to the official ceremony that marks this truly special day. Every spring and fall convocation includes a valedictorian address at each of the ceremonies. Valedictorians are chosen based on the following:

  • Academic standing
  • Contributions to the SAIT community
  • Leadership traits
  • Eligibility

Nominations for Valedictorian are closed.

Past valedictorians


  • 2020 — Megan Dunn
  • 2019 — Kassie Haley
  • 2018 — Maggie Grynia
  • 2017 — Samantha Pelletier
  • 2016 — Anne-Marie Oladosu
  • 2015 — Kim Zozuk
  • 2020 — Richard Hoang, Mackenzie Niewchas, Melisa Carnovale, Brennan Shannon
  • 2019 — Samantha Smith, Tyson Henderson, Biran Hanington, Vanessa Morin
  • 2018 — Mikhail Fedossov, Stephan Sutcliff, Eric Rasmussen, Kevin O’Brien
  • 2017 — Hector Flores Mendoza, Tyler Kobayashi, Yekaterina Giyasova, Noha Mohammad
  • 2016 — Krista Renz, David Bishop, Megan Woudstra-Constable, Dianne Templeton
  • 2015 — Lindsay Atkinson, Stuart Martinson, Kevin Taylor

President's Student Leadership Award

SAIT is made up of shapers, makers and originals. You can see it in our classrooms and now, more than ever, see it as students engage online. Our students graduate being "career ready" — we expect a lot of them and covet those who help their classmates excel. The President's Student Leadership Group/Club Award recognizes a student group who has demonstrated innovation and initiative in creating opportunities/advancements for SAIT, fellow students, industry and the community.  Submissions for this award could include examples of the following:

  • Meaningful collaboration and/or connection with industry
  • Projects to improve campus life for students
  • Projects, activities or volunteer efforts that strengthen SAIT's reputation in the community

Nominations for the President's Student Leadership Award are closed.

Past recipients of the President's Student Leadership Award
  • 2020 — Beta Sigma Tau, SAIT's chapter of Phi Theta Kappa
  • 2019 — Enactus
  • 2018 — 2018 SAIT Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Team
  • 2018 — SAIT Accounting Society
  • 2017 — Instrumentation Club
  • 2016 — Lorie Tran
  • 2016 — Student Petroleum Society
  • 2015 — Architectural Technologies Student Association
  • 2015 — Amanda Siebert
  • 2014 — SAITSA
  • 2014 — Enactus

President's Partnership Award

SAIT's future is brimming with opportunity and promise. Our students are poised to be the next generation of innovators who will push the boundaries of conventional wisdom. SAIT's strategic partners are essential to making that happen. The President's Partnership Award recognizes businesses, corporations, foundations or associations that have shown long-term commitment to SAIT, its vision and to the Calgary community.

Submissions for this award should include examples of the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated strategic alliance with SAIT resulting in initiatives that promote the advancement of applied education, demonstrate innovation and/or support student success
  • Exemplary leadership and achievements in business and the community

Nominations for the President's Partnership Award are closed.  

    Past recipients of the President's Partnership Award
    • 2019 — Brookfield Residential
    • 2018 — Brawn Family Foundation
    • 2017 — Royal Bank of Canada
    • 2016 — CPA Alberta
    • 2016 — Cisco Systems
    • 2015 — Xerox Canada
    • 2015 — Avalon Master Builder
    • 2014 — Cenovus Energy
    • 2011 — Shell
    • 2010 — Founding Builders
    • 2008 — TransCanada Corp.
    • 2007 — Enerplus
    • 2006 — Jayman MasterBUILT
    • 2005 — Nexen Inc.
    • 2004 — Encana Corporation


    View the Awards Process for more information or contact Kerrie.Marin@sait.ca.

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