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Adam Loria

2014 Outstanding Young Alumnus

Adam Loria, 2014 SAIT Outstanding Young Alumnus
Adam Loria, EMTP '05

Adam Loria (EMTP '05) always knew he wanted to help people in crisis and he pursued this passion with drive and dedication. At 22, Loria had completed his education and was working on the front lines as a certified paramedic, helping people in distress and saving lives as a member of Alberta Health Services' EMS team.

In 2009, Loria was promoted to a new role on the front lines of emergency health care, taking a position as a Public Education Officer for Alberta EMS, Calgary. As the face of EMS, Loria reports on operational emergency events and delivers crucial information to the community regarding public safety. During the Southern Alberta floods in 2013, Loria worked around the clock to ensure the public had the information they needed to stay safe during the crisis. Loria also applies his passion for helping to the community at large, volunteering for the EMS Foundation, the Calgary Stampede Parade Committee, and in the past, the Paramedic Chiefs of Canada.

2017 update

Adam Loria, Public Education Officer/Paramedic, Alberta Health Services' Emergency Medical Services

"I went right from high school into the emergency services field. I am very passionate about the role of a paramedic and the role they play in the community. It's a genuine passion. Even as a kid, it had nothing to do with police or fire — it was always about EMS.

In 2009, I became a public information officer, with a portfolio that consists of media relations, public affairs and community relations/injury prevention. It enables me to promote the great work that EMS/paramedics do and interact with community members in non-emergent circumstances. We are a fairly young service when you compare us to our cohorts in police and fire. Being able to communicate who we are and what we do is such an honour. I don't like using the word heroes, but I do consider us unsung heroes. When you call 911, this is who you get and we make an impact.

The challenges with this career path can be chalked up to the life-and-death scenarios that we can be involved with every day. It's an inherent part of the job, but it can become mentally draining at times. Often, we are involved in the worst day of people's lives. If you don't keep your mind refreshed, it can be mentally draining. Some of it stays with you for a very long time. We work a four-on/four-off rotation, so I try to almost shut out work if I can when I'm off. I focus on family and friends. And I try to stay active outdoors and prioritize my health."