Transfer agreement types

Transfer options are based on articulation agreements, which predetermine how courses and programs at one post-secondary institution can be used to satisfy admission requirements or award transfer credit at another institution.

Transfer agreements can be sending, receiving, or internal:

  • Sending agreement: An agreement whereby SAIT sends its students to a partner institution.
  • Receiving agreement: An agreement whereby SAIT receives transfer students from a partner institution into a SAIT program.
  • Internal agreement: An agreement whereby SAIT students can move internally from one SAIT program to another SAIT program.

At its best, a transfer option can advance your education while saving you time and money.

Transfer agreements

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*Although SAIT has made arrangements with other post-secondary institutions to facilitate the transfer of students, SAIT is not responsible for the contents of courses and programs delivered by partner institutions nor for any of the accreditation provided by such institutions. Additionally, SAIT does not promise nor can it guarantee that accreditation requirements mandated by any third party professional or governing accreditation body will be satisfied through the learner pathways advertised on this website. The onus lies with each student to determine whether or not his or her educational choices will satisfy his or her future goals.

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