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digiTALKS is a thought-provoking speaker series with technology in mind and SAIT experts leading the way. Plug in to these future-forward presentations and fascinating panel discussions to stay up-to-date on emerging technology trends impacting all sectors of our economy.

Leading the way in all things tech, our faculty, staff, students and alumni examine how we can drive forward Calgary’s growing tech ecosystem as it rapidly transforms businesses, careers and talent.

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Plug in to our upcoming digiTALKS. Your future awaits.


Female-powered movements: Starting with purpose, leading to innovation

Tuesday, March 9 at noon

In 2020, technology, industry and the just-in-time need for education collided. Change accelerated at an unprecedented pace. Today, this technology-transformed knowledge economy is craving the consumption of diverse and innovative mindsets. Female-powered movements are critical to meeting the needs of digital transformation — starting with purpose, leading to innovation.


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Green Building Technology

Friday, March 26 at noon

Melanie Ross, Research Manager with SAIT’s Applied Research and Innovation Services, will lead an inspiring and captivating panel discussion centered on green building technologies — the impact and benefits on our present and future world.


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Leading cyber security in higher ed: Mitigating vulnerabilities in an interconnected world

Tuesday, April 6 at noon

Cyber security is one of the top concerns of CEOs these days, and its common practice for organizations — small business and large enterprises alike — to hire third-party IT management companies who specialize in cyber security. With the evolving complexities of operating in an increasingly interconnected world, companies trust that third-party vendors will protect their networks, software and infrastructure — but what happens when the experts themselves are attacked?


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The future of MarTech - Digital marketing trends & technology

Tuesday, April 13 at noon

Technology has had a direct and profound impact on consumer attitudes, behaviours and expectations. Successful businesses are becoming increasingly agile and adopting innovative marketing strategies that use digital tools to creatively deliver an authentic human experience. Social media, marketing automation, big data and analytics, e-commerce and voice technology — to name only a few — are paving the way for savvy digital marketers to meet changing consumer demands and consistently outperform the competition.


Applied Machine Learning

This unique Applied Machine Learning program, part of our Digital Adoption Training series, is designed to empower professionals with domain expertise in their fields looking to upskill or open to a career change. Individuals with a growth mindset who are looking to acquire the necessary essential and technical skills in AI that will make things better, more efficient and easier.
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