DX Talent Hub

Digital Transformation

The Digital Transformation (DX) Talent Hub responds to both current and future needs for digital transformation skills in Calgary's economy.

The DX Talent Hub will provide a framework and the fundamental training necessary to help individuals and organizations overcome challenges associated with understanding, starting, and excelling in a digital world. The hub is centred around four digital transformation pillars:

  • Digital adoption training
  • DX youth programming
  • Experiential learning
  • Competency upskilling and pathways mapping

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Corporate Training Solutions

Our courses and programs will prepare organizations for digital adoption.

Are you looking for group training solutions?

From transformational leadership for executives to digital solutioning, our made-to-order corporate training solutions and tech-driven training hub will provide your team with the skills needed to succeed.

Contact us to learn how SAIT Corporate Training Solutions can help your business develop and sustain a culture of innovation.

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Youth Outreach Programming

DX Youth will create robust educational pathways and programs that will engage youth in new and emerging technology to spark curiosity and nurture digital literacy.

Through partnerships with industry experts, school boards, community outreach programs, and Indigenous Education Specialists, we collaboratively create and deliver life-changing experiences for youth that promote and inspire post-secondary and employment pathways.

Experiential Learning

Through experiential learning, we help employers find digital talent – focusing on practicums, work placements and learning opportunities for unemployed Digital Adoption Training students.

If you're looking for talent solutions for hire or practical work, we can help.

Competency Upskilling and Pathway Mapping

We offer a platform that helps individuals and organizations to assess and map their digital adoption competencies.

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