The Internet of Things

From smart phones to smart homes, the Internet of Things is all around us. Explore the power and possibilities of the IoT network.

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Designed for students in Grades 6 – 10, this workshop will explore the Internet of Things (IoT) and discover how the devices we interact with daily are part of a giant network that affects how we live and interact with almost everything around us. Students will get hands-on with PocketLab IoT sensors and be challenged to think about how they would transform Calgary into a Smart City through the interconnected nature of the Internet of Things.

ic-sadt-window-50x46.png Workshop objectives and outcomes

  • Awareness of the Internet of Things (IoT) and how we use it daily.
  • Explore applications of IoT in industry.
  • Measure and interpret data recorded by IoT devices.
  • Observe how IoT devices can be used in a Smart City with PocketLab IoT sensors.

ic-sadt-thumbs-up-50x46.png Learning competencies

  • I can define “Digital Intelligence.”
  • I can define “Internet of Things.”
  • I understand how IoT devices can be applied in daily life and industry.
  • I can use basic IoT sensors to measure and interpret data.
  • I understand how IoT devices can improve our daily lives and make cities smarter.


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