Hospitality and Tourism


Chefs are managers who plan, direct and participate in food preparation and cooking activities in restaurants, hotels, institutions and other food establishments.

Key Skills IconKey skills

  • Good health and stamina
  • Keen sense of taste and smell
  • Artistic and creative talent
  • Organization

Working Conditions IconWorking conditions

  • Often work in noisy and close quarters
  • Stand for hours, working near hot ovens and grills
  • Frequently work holidays, evenings and weekends

Is it a good fit? IconCareer potential*

  • Line Cook
  • Sous-Chef
  • Head Chef
  • Business Owner

*May require additional education.

Related or similar careers

  • Baker
  • Banquet Manager
  • Caterer
  • Pastry Chef

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Average SAIT graduate employment rate (2017)*
*Professional Cooking


Average salary (Alberta)*


Median SAIT graduate salary (2017)*
*Professional Cooking

Hospitality and Tourism

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