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Now, with more than 19 programs starting in May 2020, and some offering full-time, evening and weekend classes, you’ll be able to find a program that fits your schedule.

From business to the trades, upgrading or simply exploring your interests in Open Studies, you’ll discover a program that's right for you. The time is now – apply today.

Full-Time Programs

Full-time programs offered between 8 am - 9 pm

SAIT’s Business Administration diploma has majors in Accounting, Financial Services, Human Resources, Management, Marketing and Supply Chain. Degree transfer options available.
Study how to design, analyze and troubleshoot electronic circuits and systems for a career as an electronics engineering technologist, working in areas such as GPS-based systems, surveillance and wireless communication systems.
Protect, conserve and preserve the environment with a career as an environmental technologist, working in government or industries such as transportation, water treatment or chemical manufacturers.
Through action based-learning, build a career as a mechanical engineering technologist — major in Design and Development, Design and Automation or Design and Analysis.
Start your career as an aircraft avionics technician, leading up to your Aircraft Maintenance Engineer license, by learning to repair and maintain the electrical and electronic systems — including communication, navigation and data systems — in all types of airplanes and helicopters.
Train for a career repairing and maintaining cars and trucks in this program that combines action-based learning on modern equipment in a shop environment, as well as automotive theory and business courses — a combination that prepares grads to move

Evening and Weekends

Full-time programs offered evenings from 4 pm to 9 pm and weekends

Train to be a geographic systems technologist, technician or analyst for a range of industries – from forestry and natural resource exploration to all levels of government – with an education in this booming area.
Learn to design and manage the construction of buildings, roads and bridges and gain hands-on experience in structural design and construction management as you prepare for a career in building inspection, construction projects or estimation.
Create a career as a mechanical, civil, electrical or structural technologist through this program that uses hands-on instruction to give you practical and technical experience in the principles of engineering and drafting.
Start a career as an architectural technologist, construction coordinator or graphic designer in our one-of-a-kind indoor house-building lab, with a comprehensive program that includes hands-on training in drafting, design and building systems.


Career in less than a year

Build a career in film and television working on feature films, commercials, documentaries or television series by learning the fundamentals of film and video production, from scriptwriting and directing to filming and editing.
Start a career in journalism, publications, communications or public relations and specialize in photojournalism, writing, editing, page layout or design.
This 5-month program trains students both in the classroom and the lab to become knowledgeable and skilled pharmacy assistants.
Become a valuable member of any business by using data to align business decision-making process with storytelling and insight.
Learn to educate dental patients and assist dentists and hygienists in chair-side procedures by becoming a dental assistant for private dental clinics, specialists’ offices or health centres.
Study for a career as an aircraft repair or structures technician, leading up to your Aircraft Maintenance Engineer license, through this program that teaches the modification and repair of aircraft, helicopters and their structural components.
Enter the automotive service apprenticeship with hands-on skills in automotive maintenance, diagnosis and repairs.
Build a career as a business intelligence analyst or consultant by learning to develop, analyze and administer corporate data to help businesses and organizations make better decisions.
Launch a career in computer network design, maintenance or support through hands-on training in networking, troubleshooting, security and storage management and prepare for a career as a network technician, IT consultant or system support specialist.
Train to become a railway conductor and be responsible for moving, marshalling and switching rail cars and more with hands-on courses that cover operating procedures, handling of dangerous goods and railway safety.
Study how to identify possible mechanical and structural failures for oil and gas, transportation and utilities companies through this program that covers the basics of the high-demand inspection industry.
Prepare for a career as a welder through courses that combine theory and hands-on instruction and cover how to join and sever metals using industry processes.

Career Starts

Upgrade and explore your interests at your own pace

Prepare for your future with academic upgrading courses in English, mathematics and the sciences. Offered during the day, evening and online, these courses can help you qualify for SAIT programs.
In the Open Studies program, you choose from a wide range of credit courses to explore your interests and aptitudes, enabling better-informed program and career choices

I began the welding program at SAIT in 2012, and by 2015 had earned my Red Seal Journeyman. Then the recession hit and finding a job as a welder in Alberta was difficult.

So, I turned to SAIT to find programs that would help make me more marketable in a tough economy. In 2017, I took the Applied Management Certificate course, which in Alberta, I could put towards a Blue Seal certificate. I then followed up with SAIT’s Train the Trainer certificate, with the long-term goal of becoming a welding instructor. The courses that I took at SAIT during the recession are what set me apart from the other applicants. I’m now in a highly regarded position as the newest and youngest business representative for the Boilermakers Union Lodge 146. I took these steps to future-proof my career, and it’s working.

Thank you, SAIT, for providing these excellent programs and for your widely recognized reputation as being a world-class learning institute.

– Steve Warren (AWEP ’15, APM ’17, TTT ’17)

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