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Software Information

Microsoft Office 365

SAIT students have now access to the Microsoft Office 365 suite through the Microsoft portal. SAIT staff have been partially migrated to the new platform and will have access to the software by the end of 2017.

Accessing and Installing Microsoft Office 365 Software provides step-by-step instructions on how to access Microsoft Office software from any web browser with the option to install the software locally.


Ellucian GO app

Whether you're stepping onto campus for the first time or getting ready to graduate, the SAIT app will help make your post-secondary experience easier. You can use it to check your class schedule, check your final grades, get directions to SAIT buildings from your current location, and more.

  1. Login to mySAIT and change your password from the default.
  2. Search "Ellucian GO" in the Apple Store or Google Play store and download the app.
  3. Once the download is complete, open the app and select SAIT from the list of schools.
  4. The app will launch. Login using your student ID (with 000) and password to access your course schedule and grades. 

Remember, if you don't login to mySAIT and change your password from the default, you won't be able to login to the app.


The SAIT Students' Association wants you to stay connected on campus - with the SAITSA app

  • Stay connected with fellow SAIT Students
  • Check out events and upcoming shows
  • Join student clubs and stay informed on club news
  • Find all your classes via the campus map
  • Create and share your class schedule, and see when your friends are free
  • Connect for ride sharing, buying and selling, and housing
  • Stay informed on campus news and job openings, and much more!

Other Software Tips


For instructions on how to create an Adobe digital signature, please refer to Staff Only - Creating an Adobe Digital Signature.


For instructions on how to borrow an AutoCAD license on a SAIT issued laptop for working remotely, please refer to School of Construction Students Only - Borrowing an AutoCAD License.

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