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Official Transcripts

A transcript is a complete and unabridged academic record of achievement at SAIT. SAIT is using MyCreds™️ — Canada’s digital document wallet — to issue transcripts and other official documents in a secure digital format. MyCreds™️ is the official online document sharing system of the Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada (ARUCC).

Documents issued through MyCreds are certified, official and can be securely shared with other educational institutions, employers and other third parties. MyCreds ™️ allows you to access your documents anytime , from any where and share them as often as you need. You must purchase “share credits” at a cost of $15 plus applicable taxes to share your transcripts.

Learn more about MyCreds™️

To learn more about MyCreds ™️, visit their website or explore their FAQs. If you have questions about your transcripts, contact the Office of the Registrar.

When ordering transcripts, please keep in mind the following:

  • Transcripts will be made available on MyCreds ™️ where you can access and share them anytime, from anywhere. You’ll receive an email when your transcripts are available on MyCreds™️. The first time you access MyCreds™️ you’ll need to register and activate your account. 

  • We no longer send your transcripts to post-secondary institutions, employers or third party organizations. It is up to you to share your documents with whomever you need to through MyCreds™️.
  • Graduating students – Your transcript will be made available on MyCreds ™️ on your conferral date. It is on this date  that your official transcript will have the notation “Awarded." You should only request an official transcript if you need it before your credential is awarded

  • You can view your transcripts on the MyCreds™️ portal. To share your transcripts with external post- secondaries , employers or third - party organizations, you must purchase “share credits” directly from MyCreds™️ — each share credit costs $15 plus applicable taxes and allows you to share your transcript once.

Order your official transcript

Order your transcripts through your mySAIT account.

  • Log in to mySAIT
  • Go to the myStudent tab
  • Choose Student Profile
  • Choose Academic Transcript and follow the remaining steps indicated in mySAIT 

Your transcripts will be uploaded to MyCreds™️ approximately five business days after you submit your request. You will be able to pay for and share them directly through the MyCreds™️ portal.

Forgot password? Change your mySAIT password.

Did you study at SAIT before 1995?

  • If you attended classes at SAIT before 1995, please complete a  Transcript Request form.

  • When your transcript is available , you’ll receive an email from MyCreds ™️.  Follow the instructions in the email to access your transcript. You can view your transcripts in the MyCreds™️ portal. To share your transcripts with external post-secondaries, employers or third-party organizations, you must purchase “share credits” directly from MyCreds™️ —  each share credit costs $15 plus applicable taxes and allows you to share your transcript once.

How to access your official transcript

Once you’ve requested your transcript and when it is available, you’ll receive an email from MyCreds™️. Follow the instructions in the email to access your transcript. MyCreds™️ allows you to access your documents anytime, from anywhere and share them as often as you need. You must purchase “share credits” at a cost of $15 plus applicable taxes. Each credit allows you to share your transcript once. 

The only time you’ll need to request a new official transcript is when you have completed new courses with SAIT. Review our FAQs for answers to your questions about SAIT credentials and transcripts on MyCreds™️.

Are you sending your transcript to an Alberta post-secondary school?

If you request your transcript through  ApplyAlberta when submitting your application, your SAIT transcripts will be issued  free of charge to any participating Alberta post-secondary school.

Are you ordering your apprentice transcript?

Please contact the  Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board who issue apprentice transcripts.

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