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Table Top Games in the Library

Pile of games on a table

A Pandemic has struck the Munchkins of Smallworld!

Only the Settlers of Catan can organize a Resistance to the viral Dominion!

If this makes any sense to you at all then it’s time to get your Ticket to Ride to the Reg Erhardt Library to check out our board game collection. Enjoy a fun game night and take home one of our table top games, which are available for a three-day loan.

Additionally, you can join us on Thursday, January 23 from 11am -3pm for a round of your favourite tabletop board games on Board Game Day. We will have game stations set up and snacks ready! Bring your friends or make some new ones at our gaming tables.

The Settlers of Catan game box    Ticket to Ride game box    Scrabble game box

Some examples of the games we have available are:

  • Carcassonne – Players lay tiles to create the area around Carcassonne (a southern French city famous for its medieval fortifications) and play defenders in strategic locations. It’s easy to learn but involves complex strategy.
  • Settlers of Catan – Players compete to expand their colony by harvesting commodities (Sheep, wood, bricks and grain) to build roads, cities and villages on a randomized board. Watch out for the robber!
  • Munchkin Deluxe – The fast-playing card game sends players into a dungeon adventure to kill monsters and grab the loot. Fun characters and cartoon-like illustrations make for a good time as players attempt to go from level 1 to level 10 (similar to Dungeons & Dragons characters).
  • Resistance – This party game will have you questioning your friends as they potentially deceive and bluff their way to victory. Players must deduce who is on their side and who is a spy. A new leader each round decides who will go on a mission, and players only have three to five missions to figure out who they can trust and who will sabotage their efforts.
  • Scrabble – In this classic word game, players use letter tiles to form words on the game board and earn points.
  • Ticket to Ride – Players claim train routes between US cities by playing “train” cards of different colors. The longer the route you claim, the more points you get!
  • Takenoko – Players must care for the Emperor’s bamboo garden to feed the hungry panda. Players build irrigation systems and plant bamboo groves based on dice rolls using a randomized board.
  • Geek Out Pop Culture – This is a fast-paced trivia game with multiple categories such as games, movies, books and music.
  • Dominion – In this medieval themed deck building game, players compete for victory points by building their deck with coins and actions that allow them to make additional moves. The rounds are quick and the stakes are high, and each new hand presents players with options for strategies to maximize victory point accrual. While the Library only has the base game, thirteen expansions allow the player to add exciting and unique elements to every round.
  • Checkers, Chess, Backgammon – These traditional board games, require players to move discs on a marked board in designated ways to win the game.

Have a great time!

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