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Study Rooms

Study Room Booking

SAIT students may use the library's study rooms for individual or group study. There are 11 study rooms available, four on Level-1 and seven on Level-0. Students may reserve rooms online using the Study Room Booking page.

You may book up to four 30 minute blocks per week (Sunday - Saturday). Students who make bookings they no longer require should cancel bookings using the link in their booking confirmation email. Cancelled bookings do not count against a student's 2 hours per week allotment. Bookings that do not comply with library policies may be cancelled without notice.

See Book a Study Room to get help with booking a room. You can review bookings on the Study Room Booking page.

Maximum occupancy

Study rooms have varying occupancy limits, as noted on the room booking calendar.

No shows

Students are given 10 minutes from their booking's start time to claim their room; thereafter, that 30 minute block is forfeited and the room is available to other students. Study room time lost due to late arrival, or a "No Show", will count against the two hour per week allotment.

Drop-in use

Students may use study rooms on a drop-in basis, subject to the following rules:

  • A drop-in user cannot request that anyone already occupying a room leave.
  • Drop-in users must leave immediately when a student with a booking arrives at the room.
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