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Career Planning Services

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COVID-19 update

Due to the physical distancing safety measures we are taking to keep each other safe, in-person Career Planning workshops have been suspended.  Coming soon, a series of free, brief videos will be available for all to use as Student Development and Counselling transitions all relevant information online.  We will then follow up with interactive webinars for those who have reviewed the information.

Please check  sait.ca/covid19 for the most up to date information. 


We offer career planning appointments to the general public for a fee and career planning workshops for free. For current SAIT students all Career planning appointments and workshops are free. Book an appointment today. 

What is career planning?

Career planning is the process of identifying a career that fits with an individual's interests, skills, personality, needs, values and preferred lifestyle. This fit may be different at various points in a person's lifetime. The world of work constantly changes and people evaluate, adapt and take action through their working lives.

Choosing your first career?

Changing careers?

Considering changing programs?

What services are offered to help me plan a career?

While we don't tell you which program or course to take at SAIT, we can provide you with support and information to help you make career and educational decisions.

For the general public, we offer:

  • free evening workshops
  • two-hour individual career planning for a fee of $175
What is included in the individual career planning?

Individualized planning includes standardized assessments of your interests, personality and values, followed by a two-hour meeting with a counsellor to interpret the results and plan the direction to take.

This service costs $175 and it may be covered under some health plans; check with your benefits provider. 

The access to the assessments are emailed when booking the appointment and need to be submitted no later than four days before the appointment, with results being provided when you attend your appointment. 

Limited individual appointments are available and may be booked several weeks in advance.

Please note:

These sessions are suitable for individuals who are able to independently engage in conversation and planning. A difficulty with low English language skills, significant developmental disabilities or similar conditions during the session may not be best served by this type of career planning. The participants need to demonstrate a level of independence that does not require assistance with completing assessments or parental attendance during a session.

Call us at 403.284.7023 to book an appointment, and be prepared to provide an email address so you can receive the instructions and access to assessments.

Can you advise me on what program I should take?

A decision to enrol in a post-secondary program is based on a number of factors and requires research and choices only you can make. We suggest you find and choose the career or occupation you want to pursue and then find the program that trains you for it. Therefore we cannot tell you which program to take. We do provide the tools and steps you can take in making your decision and there are many assessments that can provide you with occupational and educational options.

For more information on prerequisites, transfer of credits and your eligibility for a program attend Open House, contact Admissions or a program information session.

Assessment information

You will need to provide an email address to receive instructions and log-in information to access and complete the assessments. These assessments need to be completed and submitted no later than the day before the appointment. Each takes approximately 30 - 40 minutes to complete online and requires a Grade 9 reading level in English.

Assessment results are printed by our office and only available when you attend your appointment.

Persons with developmental and similar disabilities may not be best served by this career planning package. If a person needs assistance with understanding and completing their assessments, or assistance during a career planning session (e.g. a translator or a family member assisting in understanding the process), we recommend checking out the following community resources:

What other resources and services are available?
  • If you are between the ages of 15 and 24, the Calgary Youth Employment Centre offers free, comprehensive employment and career services online, through workshops or by phone at 403.268.2490.
  • Alberta Learning Information Services offers free descriptions and self-assessments of occupations including job duties, work conditions, requirements and salary ranges.
  • Alberta Human Services offers career planning workshops, as well as information about industry trends.

Career Planning Workshops

We offer two career planning workshops several times throughout the year that are open to the general public.

If you are a career starter or a career changer, you will find our free workshops beneficial.

The Head and Heart of Career Planning

The Head and Heart workshop is i ntended for young participants (Career Starters) who are at the beginning stage of considering their future careers. Participants are usually still attending high school or a post-secondary program, or they may be employed but did not develop a career yet.

This workshop will help you identify relevant personal characteristics and educate you about various types of post-secondary programs and careers.

Key areas that will be focused on:

  • various self-assessment exercises
  • explanation of the career planning process
  • exploration of educational paths
  • a look at occupational profiles
  • discussion and take-away exercises

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New Chapter: Re-Design Your Life and Career

The New Chapter workshop is intended for mature participants who previously had the experience of working in one or more occupations (including homemaking) for some years. They are in the process of changing careers either as a result of unexpected life events, a desire to improve and advance, or immigrating to Canada from another country. 

In this workshop, you will focus on explaining life transitions, ways to build on previous experiences or knowledge, identifying and fulfilling current needs and identifying careers available later in life. We also discuss how to interpret job market information, and we encourage you to share your experience and to network with others.

Key areas that will be focused on:

  • insight exercises
  • tools to plan for all aspects of life (not just paid work)

This workshop does not include specific information about educational credits, program prerequisites, enrollment, credit transfers and does not focus on job search strategies.

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