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Students work together to create a web design for client.

New Media Production and Design

Closed for Fall 2019

Length: 2 Years
Credential: Diploma
Available: Full Time Classroom

Program Highlights

New Media Production and Design is a technology centred program that promotes critical thinking to develop engaging content for web-based user experiences and provides comprehensive training in the tools and techniques used for web design and development. 

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Tuition and Fees Per Year*

Year 1: $5,086
Year 2: $5,086
Year 1 (International): $16,368
Year 2 (International): $16,368

*Tuition, fees, books and supply costs are subject to change


You will be offered admission to this program if you meet the admission requirements and qualify through competitive entry. Competitive entry is based on your resumé, references and portfolio. 

When can you apply?

  • Applications for fall 2019 are accepted Oct. 3, 2018 to June 1, 2019.
TermProgram start
Fall 2019 Sept. 3, 2019 

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New Media Production and Design provides comprehensive training in multimedia skills. Students learn the tools and techniques used in web design and development, corporate presentations and communications, audio and music production, educational design, animation, simulation, game design and many other specialties.

The program emphasizes project-based, hands-on training, with students working in teams for assigned clients to produce comprehensive and useful media products.

Program Details

Program description

New Media Production and Design is a technology centred program that promotes critical thinking to develop engaging content for web-based user experiences, and provides comprehensive training in the tools and techniques used for web design and development. The program emphasizes project­-based and hands-on training, with students working in teams to produce comprehensive and useful media products.

Your career

Graduates find employment in specialty new media production houses, agencies, corporate, educational or government organizations. Some develop their own freelance and small business opportunities. Work ranges from web design, corporate communications and digital signage to educational media, animation, simulation or game design.

Student success

Students with previous academic success usually are more successful in SAIT programs.

Credentials and accreditation

After successfully completing this program, graduates will receive a SAIT diploma in New Media Production and Design.


There are no formal accreditation arrangements at this time. Please contact the School of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) for more information.

Transfer options

The opportunity to advance your education through transfer to, within or from SAIT is available with the following universities and colleges:

  • Athabasca University
  • Griffith University
  • Royal Roads University
  • University of Calgary
  • University of Gloucestershire, UK
  • University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT)
  • University of South Australia

To learn more, visit Transfer Options.

Admission Requirements

Admission and Selection

  • Fall 2019 start: applications are accepted Oct. 3, 2018 to June 1, 2019.

Admission Requirements

  • At least 60% in English Language Arts 30-1 or English Language Arts 30-2 or equivalents.
  • All applicants must demonstrate English Language Proficiency prior to admission, including students educated in Canada.

SAIT accepts high school course equivalents for admission. If you don't meet the requirements, consider Academic Upgrading.

SAIT evaluates international documents for admissions. After you've applied, consider our international document assessment service if your education is from outside of Canada. 

Competitive Entry: Seven Step Process

Step 1: Read the program information to see the qualities needed for student success.

Step 2: Ensure that you meet all of the admission requirements listed above.

Step 3: Review the selection information to understand the process and deadlines.

Applications and proof of the admission requirements (transcripts and/or anticipated final grades) along with all supporting documents must be submitted by June 1 to be included in selection. Once the program is full, qualified applicants will be placed on a waitlist.

If you meet the admission requirements, you'll be asked to submit a selection package to the School of Information and Communications Technologies.

The selection package will consist of the following:

  • Resumé
  • Two reference letters
  • Graphic design - a logo that represents you, and shows off your personality
  • App icon - Create a 512x512 pixels (PNG or JPEG format) app icon for a new mobile app being developed by the School of Information and Communication Technologies at SAIT. Do not use the SAIT logo in your design
  • Video biography - Create a 30-60 second video in landscape format that tells us about who you are and why you are interested in the New Media Production & Design program, and what you plan to do after graduating from the program.
  • Photography - In 3-5 photos illustrate the concept of motion
  • Give us 2-4 other examples of new media related work that you feel demonstrates your skills and talents from any of the areas listed below:
    • Illustrations and drawings
    • Animation
    • Web design and development
    • 3D modelling
    • Audio production

All work submitted should be original and created by the applicant.

In addition to your work, please provide a title, creation date, and short description of the work and how it fulfills the criteria above.

Upload the above portfolio work and associated descriptions and information to the world wide web, and provide a publicly accessible URL that will be available for at least 60 days from the date of submission. 

Applicants will be offered a seat or waitlisted, based on an evaluation of the selection package. 

Step 4: Apply to New Media Production and Design and submit your transcripts.

Step 5: Log in to mySAIT.ca to check your admission status. If eligible, your status will indicate that you're "In Selection."

Step 6: Complete your selection package. 

  • Please wait until you have received an email request before submitting your selection package. You will be given detailed information in the email as to what is required. 

Step 7: Continue to monitor changes to your application status through mySAIT.ca.

Failure to meet anticipated final grades will result in offers being rescinded.

Communication during selection

Email is the primary source of communication during the selection process. Ensure your personal email account is managed appropriately to receive our emails, files and communications.

We recommend you add ict.mediastudents@sait.ca and the sait.ca domain to your safe senders list or you risk missing critical email messages.

Additional Requirements

  • Completion of a Grade 11 math course is strongly advised.
  • We also recommend that applicants participate in Student for a Day.


Program Outline

View additional New Media Production & Design program information including course-specific descriptions and requisites.

First Year

Semester 1

Course CodeCourse NameCredit
COMM-405 Industrial Communications 3.0
MMDA-222 Web Communications I 3.0
MMDA-223 Visual Communications I 3.0
MMDA-224 Business of New Media I 3.0
MMDA-226 Rich Media Communications I 3.0
Semester 1 Total 15.0


Semester 2

Course CodeCourse NameCredit
MMDA-225 Web Communications II 3.0
MMDA-243 Visual Communications II 3.0
MMDA-244 Business of New Media II 3.0
MMDA-237 Rich Media Communications II 3.0
MMDA-247 Production Company I 3.0
Semester 2 Total 15.0
First Year Total 30.0

Second Year

Semester 3

Course CodeCourse NameCredit
MMDA-323 Visual Communications III 3.0
MMDA-324 Web Communications III 3.0
MMDA-326 Rich Media Communications III 3.0
MMDA-300 Production Company II 3.0
MMDA-328 3D Modeling and Design Fundamentals 3.0
Semester 3 Total 15.0


Semester 4

Course CodeCourse NameCredit
MMDA-340 Production Company III 3.0
MMDA-302 New Media Capstone Project 3.0
MMDA-344 Digital Independent Study 6.0
MMDA-385 Portfolio Development 1.5
PRAC-395 New Media Practicum 1.5
Semester 4 Total 15.0
Second Year Total 30.0
Program Total 60.0


Students must attain a PGPA and/or a CGPA of 2.0 or better in each semester and pass the necessary prerequisite courses to progress through the program. To qualify for graduation, students must pass all courses, attain a CGPA of 2.0 or better and complete course requirements within the prescribed timelines.


Domestic Tuition and Fees*

Year Tuition fees SAIT fees SAITSA fees 2019/20 total
1 $4,102 $462 $523 $5,086
2 $4,102 $462 $523 $5,086

International Tuition and Fees*

Year Tuition fees SAIT fees SAITSA fees 2019/20 total
1 $15,383 $462 $523 $16,368
2 $15,383 $462 $523 $16,368


Campus Athletic and Recreation Fee: $160
Universal Transit Pass (UPass): $302

SAIT Students' Association Fees

Health Plan: $110**
Dental Plan: $125**
SAIT Students' Association (SAITSA): $288

Books and Supplies*

  • Books and supplies are approximately $500 per year.

Find out about tuition and financial aid.

* Tuition, fees, books and supply costs are subject to change.
** For students with existing health and/or dental plans, please refer to the SAITSA website for information on opting out.


School of Information and Communications Technologies

Inspiring Stories

With a knowledge base that includes design and developing websites, handling video and creating games, and skills in coding, Amy feels she is leaving SAIT knowing companies will be attracted to her varied skill set.

This program allowed Katie the opportunity to explore numerous aspects of new media production, opening doors to industries she wouldn’t have thought about for herself. She valued that chance to discover new areas of interest while also working with people from industry who were brought in to speak to classes.

A traditional artist and illustrator, Laurie recognized she needed updated skills to thrive in an increasingly digital world. She was grateful for instructors who walked students through the program and says no day went by when she didn't learn something new.

Amy Bolcsfoldy-Horne
New Media Production and Design | 2017

"It was good that it was so well rounded," she says of the program. "They want a well-rounded candidate."

Katie Campbell
New Media Production and Design | 2016

"It allowed me to make connections with people in the industry."

Laurie Breitkreuz
New Media Production and Design | 2016

"I knew what I was missing and now I have those skills," she says. "It has given me the tools.

"Now my business can flourish."

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