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Dual-Credit Pre-Employment Welding

Open for Fall 2019

Length: 8 Months
Credential: Certificate
Available: Classroom

Program Highlights

Jump-start your welding apprenticeship with hands-on skills covering first-year welding theory and practical applications.

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Program length

  • Pre-Employment Welding is offered over two semesters (September to June)
TermProgram start
Fall 2019 Sept. 9, 2019

Who is this program for?

Students in Grade 11 or 12 who:

  • enjoy working with their hands and have good manual dexterity;
  • have the ability to concentrate on detailed work with patience; and
  • have good vision (corrective lenses are acceptable) and strong hand-eye coordination. 

Program description

This program covers all course materials received by a first-year welding apprentices, plus additional hands-on skills and safety training. Students in this program will be provided with the opportunity to learn about welding technology to join, shape and cut metal parts. They will also learn about pressure vessels, pipelines, joining beams and the manufacturing of other industrial components.

The program will prepare the student to enter the workforce and become an apprentice. 

Your career

Work conditions for welders vary from one job to another. Welders may work outdoors on construction sites or indoors in production and repair shops. 


Upon successful completion of the program, students will be eligible to receive a SAIT Pre-Employment Welding certificate and may challenge the written and practical exams for first-year apprenticeship.

Co-requisite requirements

In order to be eligible for a SAIT credential, students must successfully pass the following courses or equivalents with an overage average of at least 50%:

  • Math 10C or Math 10-3
  • English Language Arts 10-1 or English Language Arts 10-2

There may be other pre-requisite or co-requisites required by the school board for admission into this dual-credit program. Check with your local school board for further information.

To qualify for graduation from SAIT, students must pass all courses, attain a CGPA of 2.0 or better and complete the course requirements within the prescribed timelines. 


Course CodeCourse Name
WELD 254 Gas Metal Arc Welding Level 1 Theory
WELD 255 Gas Metal Arc Welding Level 1 Lab
WELD 256 Gas Metal Arc Welding Level 2 Theory
WELD 257 Gas Metal Arc Welding Level 2 Lab
WELD 259 Oxyacetylene Welding


Students who complete the dual-credit Pre-Employment Welding program are eligible to earn:

  • up to 15 high school credits
  • a SAIT Pre-Employment Welding certificate
  • the potential to write the Alberta Industry and Training (AIT) exams for first-year welding apprenticeship


Dual Credit 

To learn more about all dual-credit opportunities currently offered in Alberta, visit Alberta Dual Credit.

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