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Supply Management Training


Available: Continuing Education Classroom

Program Highlights

Advance your knowledge of complex upstream and downstream supply chain activities. Master key areas – procurement, logistics, transportation and operations.

Job Grant

Canada-Alberta Job GrantThis program is eligible for  Canada-Alberta Job Grant funding. 

SCMA Alberta

This program is offered in conjunction with the Supply Chain Management Association of Alberta (SCMA Alberta), one of Canada's leading supply chain management professional associations, setting standards of excellence for workforce skills, knowledge and integrity of the industry. Your diploma is issued by SCMA Alberta. 

Program Details

Program description

Supply Management Training LogoLearn to support the management of increasingly complex upstream and downstream supply chain activities. Designed for junior to mid-level practitioners or aspiring professionals, these in-demand courses cover the tools and techniques needed for this rapidly growing industry. This program is a blend of technical and hands-on coursework. Courses cover essential areas such as procurement, logistics, transportation and operations. You will also come away with important skills such as negotiation, contract management, marketing, accounting and more.

This program is offered in conjunction with the Supply Chain Management Association of Alberta (SCMA Alberta), one of Canada's leading supply chain management professional associations, setting standards of excellence for workforce skills, knowledge and integrity of the industry. This program does not provide a SAIT credential, you will be issued a diploma issued by SCMA Alberta. 

This training is delivered through Continuing Education as evening courses and weekend seminars. There are no prerequisites and you can complete the program in less than one year.

Note: This program is eligible for the  Canada-Alberta Job Grant.

Career: Logistics Analyst | Procurement Specialist | Purchaser | Warehouse Manager

Credentials and accreditation

SCMP Designation

After completing the Supply Management Training (SMT) program at SAIT, students may be interested in pursuing the SCMP designation through SCMA Alberta. Students who complete the following courses at SAIT as part of the SMT diploma program will receive exemptions from these following courses in the SCMP designation program.

  • Negotiation Skills
  • Communication and Relational Skills
  • Competitive Bidding & Contract Management

The nature and level of content in the Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP) Designation Program requires that, prior to enrolment, candidates have insight into the:

  • The functioning of people and organizations
  • Workings of the marketplace
  • Accounting methods that enable an organization to effectively manage its revenues and expenditures.

Individuals who have successfully completed a degree or diploma program in a business-related function at a Canadian university, college or technical institute will be deemed to have met the admission requirement. Other individuals will need to obtain business management knowledge through post-secondary courses.

The following SAIT courses meet this pre-requisite requirement:

  • Introduction to Business: MNGT 200/1200 Introduction to Business
  • Accounting: ACCT 215/1010 Introductory Financial Accounting I
  • Finance: BFIN 255/1255 Personal Financial Planning
  • Business Communication: COMN 220/COMM 1070 Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Economics: ECON 305/1110 Macroeconomics or ECON 250/1010 Microeconomics
  • Marketing: MKTG 260/1060 Marketing Essentials
  • Organizational Behaviour: MNGT 250/2250 Organizational Behaviour

For further information on the SCMP designation program, please contact SCMA Alberta directly.

Admission and Completion 

There are no entrance requirements for this program. You must complete all required courses and seminars within five years to be eligible for the diploma. Upon completion of the 10 required courses and seminars, you will be issued a diploma by SCMA Alberta.


Course Code Changes

Some course codes for the 2019/20 academic year have changed - for example, PROJ-219 is now PROJ-001. If you have taken a course with the old course code, you will still receive credit for it.
See more course code changes

Program outline

You choose the courses in the order that works best for your situation and goals. All we require is that you complete all certification courses and meet the current graduation requirements within a five year period.

Courses are available on the SAIT campus through Continuing Education and are scheduled throughout the year during the Fall (September - December) and Winter (January - April) sessions.

Ready to enroll? Check out the list of registration dates:

  • Fall enrolment opens in July
  • Winter enrolment opens in October

Four courses and six seminars are required to complete this program.

Course overview

Procurement SCMT-110 Classroom
Logistics SCMT-112 Classroom
Transportation SCMT-114 Classroom
Operations Management SCMT-116 Classroom
Communication and Relational Skills SCMT-118 Classroom
Negotiation Skills SCMT-120 Classroom
Competitive Bidding and Contract Management SCMT-122 Classroom
Accounting and Finance SCMT-124 Classroom
Marketing SCMT-126 Classroom
Business Planning SCMT-128 Classroom


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