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Students use vent measurement to measure gas in pipes in lab.

Hydrocarbon Measurement Certificate of Achievement


Credential: Certificate (non-credit)
Available: Continuing Education Classroom or Online

Canada-Alberta Job Grant This program is eligible for Canada-Alberta Job Grant funding.

Program Description

Graduates of the Hydrocarbon Measurement certificate program will have a fundamental knowledge of petroleum measurement: devices, design, operation, and maintenance. Graduates will be able to validate base calculations, regulatory requirements, and business reporting.

For learners who are pursuing the full certificate program, we recommend you take these courses in the order listed below. Students completing the certificate will emerge with knowledge of the subject matter equivalentof the intermediate level Measurement Specialist. The Hydrocarbon Measurement Certificate (full program or combination of courses depending on your need) will be of huge value to Production Accountants, JointVenture Specialists, Productions Engineers, Instrumentation Technicians, Operations and Marketing staff and help them become more effective in their jobs within the oil and gas industry. Engineers and MeasurementSpecialists (Measurement Technicians/Technologists, Measurement and Control Technicians, Measurement Analysts and Operators) looking to advance their skills or non-technical employees in oil and gas industry looking for a career change will also greatly benefit from this course.

Measurement Fundamentals INST-124 Online
Gas Measurement INST-138 Online
Liquid Measurement INST-137  Online
Ancillary and Tertiary Devices INST-146  Online
Measurement Schematics INST-134 Online
Regulations & Standards INST-136 Online
Gas and Liquid Sampling and Analysis INST-144  Online
Steam and Thermal Measurement INST-139 Online
Custody Transfer INST-141 Online
Measurement Device Commissioning and Maintenance INST-143  Online
Data Management INST-129  Online
Volumetric Allocation & Reporting INST-142  Online
Measurement Auditing and Troubleshoot INST-147  Online
Measurement Laboratory INST-148  Classroom


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