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Academic Upgrading


Available: Continuing Education Classroom or Online

Program Description

SAIT academic upgrading courses prepare students for admission to SAIT career programs. SAIT academic upgrading courses are Alberta high school equivalency courses, not Alberta Education courses. They may be accepted for admission purposes by other Alberta post-secondary educational institutions. Check the current Alberta Transfer Guide published by The Alberta Council on Admissions and Transfer for a listing of all formalized transfer agreements among Alberta post-secondary institutions.

SAIT academic upgrading courses provide students with a flexible approach for their transition into post-secondary studies. Courses can be taken part-time or full-time in the day, evening or online. Students become accustomed to the SAIT environment and culture and develop successful strategies for learning.

Government grant funding may be available for eligible students. Student loans are not available for upgrading courses.

(Also available full-time classroom or online)

Science Preparation APSC-180 Science 10 for SAIT programs only Classroom, Online or Blended
Biology I BIOL-181 Biology 20 Classroom, Online or Blended
Biology II BIOL-182 Biology 30 Classroom, Online or Blended
Chemistry I CHEM-181 Chemistry 20 Classroom, Online or Blended
Chemistry II CHEM-182 Chemistry 30 Classroom, Online or Blended
Literature and Composition I COMN-180 English 10-1 Classroom
Literature and Composition II COMM-181 English 20-1 Classroom, Online or Blended
Literature and Composition III COMM-182 English 30-1 Classroom, Online or Blended
Mathematics Foundations MATH-100 None (skill development) Classroom
Technical Mathematics II MATH-162 Math 30-2 Classroom
Applied Mathematics II MATH-172 Applied Math 30 Classroom
Mathematics Preparation MATH-180 Math 10C Classroom or Online
Mathematics I MATH-181 Math 20-1 Classroom or Online
Mathematics II MATH-182 Math 30-1 Classroom, Online or Blended
Physics I PHYS-181 Physics 20 Classroom or Online
Physics II PHYS-182 Physics 30 Classroom, Online or Blended

Diagnostic testing

Your success is very important to us so we recommend you take our free diagnostic tests to help you determine the appropriate level of upgrading courses. These tests will help you assess your current knowledge and will make a recommendation as to what course you should register in.

Contact upgrading@sait.ca if you need additional information about how you can benefit from taking these tests. 

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