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Industrial Environmental Awareness - ENVS 200

Course Description

This industrial environmental awareness training was developed to provide a basic understanding of environmental issues. Not intended as training for Environmental Technicians, the purpose of this course is instead to raise awareness of the environmental requirements of companies and the individuals responsibilities towards ensuring that the environment suffers minimum impact as a result of human activities.

This course is offered exclusively online and is available for registration year round. Multiple Choice Final Examination: 2.5 hours

This course covers the following 21 modules:

  1. Environmental Introduction
  2. Evolution of Environmental Attitudes
  3. Canadian Environmental Law
  4. Ethical and Moral Responsibility
  5. Potential Environmental Impacts of Liquids
  6. Potential Environmental Impacts of Vapors
  7. Potential Environmental Impacts of Noise
  8. Potential Environmental Impacts of Ionizing Radiation
  9. Potential Environmental Impacts of Equipment Integrity Failure
  10. Potential Environmental Impacts of Operating Facilities
  11. Environmental Control Equipment
  12. Environmental Monitoring of Air Pollutants
  13. Environmental Monitoring of Water Pollutants
  14. Environmental Policies and Standards
  15. Environmental Operating Procedures
  16. Underground Storage Tanks
  17. Soil: A Critical Component of Our Environment
  18. Environmental Impact of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons
  19. Indoor Air Quality
  20. Solid and Liquid Pollutants
  21. Gaseous Pollutants

Credits: 0

Offerings: Online

Course Fees

$985 Domestic distance students

$985 International distance students

Fees subject to change


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