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Jennifer Hugh
Jennifer Hugh is an award-winning instructor chosen by students at SAIT.

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Supportive, encouraging, prepared and thorough — what more can you ask for in an instructor?

That’s what students had to say about Jennifer Hugh, an instructor in SAIT’s Vision Care Sciences programs, when they nominated her for a 2022 Instructor Excellence Award during her first year of teaching #HereAtSAIT.

Having always had her eye on a career in health, Jennifer eventually decided on optometry. 

“I wanted something that would allow me to provide a necessary service in the community, had good long-term job prospects and would support good work-life balance.”

While studying to become an optometrist, she also discovered an affection for working with students as a teaching assistant. 

“My favourite thing about being an instructor is being able to pass on what I've learned working in my industry and helping students acquire the knowledge and skills they need to pass their exams and be competent and successful eyecare providers.”

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From sharing valuable lessons to encouraging good professional habits, her approach as an instructor in courses such as Refracting Skills and Contact Lenses includes treating her students as future colleagues — not just learners in a classroom.

“Refracting, and making recommendations to patients, is an art form in that it requires careful thought and consideration, no matter how long you've been practicing. I hope my students learn to always be questioning and looking over their findings to see if they make sense, to never get complacent!”

According to Jennifer, vision care is always changing and improving — that’s what makes it so exciting.

“We are constantly finding ways to improve diagnostic capabilities and how we treat eye health and vision issues. Innovations in retinal imaging, contact lenses, progressive lens design, and cataract and refractive surgery options will allow us to provide even better care for our patients in the future.”

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👏 Jennifer Hugh is an award-winning instructor chosen by students at SAIT. Celebrate your excellent instructor — nominations for Saitsa’s 2023 Instructor Excellence Awards are now open!

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