SAITMicro welding a winner for alumna

Short, skill-focused and stackable — micro-credentials, including software, construction and welding, are now available at SAIT.

Short, skill-focused and stackable — SAIT’s latest offering through the Centre for Continuing Education and Professional Studies is micro-credentials.

Michelle Atkinson (NMPD '03) has always wanted a bit more formal education related to welding but had little desire to jump in the deep end as a welding apprentice. So, she enrolled in Beginners MIG, a course offered through the Welding and Blacksmithing micro-credential.

Why SAITMicro? Why now? 🔥

Short, skill-focused and stackable — micro-credentials, including software, construction and welding, are now available at SAIT.

As an artist, I've done some welding in the garage with my dad over the years. I also share a studio with a welder who's taught me a thing or two but I've never felt confident enough to just grab the equipment and go it alone.

As a SAIT alumna, I heard about the Level Up Alumni Awards program and figured I would take a look at some courses. I came across SAITMicro, which essentially splits up all the elements of welding into bite-sized courses. It seemed like perfect timing, so I registered.

What skills are you hoping to build? 🔥

I'm a glass artist but I use metal in my sculptural work. Right now, I design steel elements and hire someone to assemble the pieces for me. Welding the components myself adds more personal connection to the work. For me, it's not only about a functional weld but a pretty one.

What’s the best thing about your SAITMicro course? 🔥

The facilities are incredible — real-world equipment right at your fingertips, safe, clean and accessible. I felt comfortable every step of the way. I can translate everything I've learned into my little garage setup or any shop I might work in. The hands-on learning is why I came to SAIT the first time almost 20 years ago and why I chose Continuing Education now.

What’s one thing you’ve learned so far? 🔥

Welding is about good setup and solid technique. One of the first things you learn is the ABCs of welding: always be comfortable. The more comfortable you are, the better the weld and the longer you can work.

In 10 words or less, why take a SAITMicro course? 🔥

That’s tough, but I’ve just noticed MIG welding has 10 letters, so:

  • Manageable
  • Informative
  • Guided
  • Worthwhile
  • Enjoyable
  • Legitimate
  • Dynamic
  • Interesting
  • Nifty
  • Galvanized
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