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How SAIT helps organizations train their people to adapt to the changing work world
How SAIT helps organizations train their people to adapt to the changing work world

Timely. Targeted. Tech-focused. That’s the kind of training businesses need in our ever-evolving world of work.

“Our clients are trying to accomplish a goal, fix a problem or proactively avoid a problem. We consult with them and then build out custom solutions,” says Katyryna Gaudet, Sales Manager with SAIT’s Corporate Training Solutions.

Those underlying characteristics of agility and innovation are part of every workplace training initiative delivered to industry partners, not-for-profits, First Nations and associations.

“We are positioned to help organizations train their people to adapt to the changing work world,” says Gaudet.

As a post-secondary institution, SAIT is known for seeking industry insight to build action-based, applied learning programs, and Corporate Training Solutions has the advantage of ready access to the institution’s entire arsenal of curriculum content, facilitators with industry experience and related industry networks and know-how when building out every custom solution package.

With our pick-and-pull-solutions model, we’re able to create and customize expert, targeted content fast and as clients need it. Real-time knowledge about skills trends, and the data and analytics that go in behind that can generate keen insights and added value.

And sometimes the most fitting training solution doesn’t come from in-house. In our economy of disruption, strategic partnerships bring additional value.

“It’s important to share — across industries — what has been successful for growing organizations,” says Gaudet.

Corporate Training Solutions recently partnered with Alberta IoT, a local not-for-profit on a mission to position Alberta as the worldwide centre of excellence for the Internet of Things technology. The organization’s Fast Track Program is designed to help executives in established tech companies scale their operations and accelerate growth. Each of the program’s eight learning modules is delivered by an industry facilitator. A SAIT instructor delivered the module on Business Models.

“Because we’re talking about established, multi-million-dollar businesses, not start-ups, we had to have the right person and the right information,” says Alberta IoT’s Executive Director, Brenda Beckedorf.

The landscape of emerging technologies is by definition busy. Navigating it solo can be fraught with risk and uncertainty.

Participants in the Fast Track Program used breakout sessions to talk about their challenges. “It was interesting how much they were helping each other, and making meetings afterward to continue to help each other,” says Beckedorf. “The value of that in itself was huge.”

“Organizations are re-evaluating how their employees are learning,” says Gaudet. They need to ensure their employees’ skill sets evolve as the demands of the corporate landscape change. They need a strategic learning approach and a network of expertise to deliver.

“Our team at Corporate Training Solutions can come in and help support your team, leveraging tools, talents and people,” says Gaudet. “We meet clients where they are and help them get where they need to be.”

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