#SAITfaces: Gina Botelho

“If I had to summarize why I do what I do, it’s people, learning and growth.”

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Meet our #SAITfaces

“If I had to summarize why I do what I do, it’s people, learning and growth.” 🙂⁣

Gina Botelho finds inspiration working with a variety of industries and diverse groups of people #hereatSAIT.⁣

She officially joined SAIT in 2012 — having often visited campus for a delicious lunch at the Four Nines.⁣

An instructor at SAIT’s School of Business and a corporate trainer, Gina delivers custom business courses for corporate clients, with a focus on 21st-century skills. 👍⁣

“It’s truly an honour to be in a career that empowers people, and encourages meaningful conversation and personal growth — that’s really the essence of adult learning.”⁣

Gina’s extensive facilitation and work experience includes speaking to 200+ health-care professionals on the topic of unconscious bias for an Alberta Health Services event and being recognized with a BCE Ovation Award from Bell Canada for contributions to business excellence.⁣

Through it all, she continues to be amazed by the people she works with and teaches. ⁣

“I love learning from them, growing with them. I especially love when they see the connection between what they’re learning and how it directly applies to their lives, both personally and professionally.”⁣

For Gina, training isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. But no matter what’s being taught, there will continue to be a focus on building essential skills as imperative to success.⁣

“To me, future-proof means adopting a growth mindset.⁣"

“The future is uncertain. You will likely encounter setbacks no matter how much you prepare and plan, but if you’re consistently working on developing your skills while cultivating resiliency, the possibilities are endless.” ⁣