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Donors mobilize to help students impacted by COVID-19

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When SAIT students face financial difficulties during ordinary times, our donors come to their aid. But as we all know, these are not ordinary times. The COVID-19 pandemic is creating immeasurable challenges for our students who are very worried about their future.

“The last couple of weeks have been ridiculous,” says Ryan Morstad, president, SAIT Students’ Association (SAITSA). “A lot of students have lost their jobs and they’re worried about paying their bills.”

Morstad says it’s hard for students to focus on their studies when they face potentially calamitous financial worries such as paying rent and buying food, particularly students who are single parents.

We are mobilizing our SAIT family and friends to contribute to the I.G. Lewis Student Emergency Fund to make sure students can stay on track with their studies.

“Making sure our students have the basic necessities of life is extremely important,” says Shan Robertson, SAIT Learner and Academic Services. “At this time of crisis, a few dollars can make the difference between dropping out and staying in school.”

Fortunately, the I.G. Lewis Student Emergency Fund is in place and has funds earmarked for student emergencies. Thanks to the generous support of donors in the past, the I.G. Lewis Student Emergency Fund has been built into an endowment, the proceeds of which have helped hundreds of students over the years as they faced unforeseen economic calamities – from a $25 grocery card to a $3,000 cheque.

Obviously, this year is different, and our emergency funds will be stretched beyond the normal needs of students. SAIT launched a funding drive for the I.G. Lewis Student Emergency fund mid-March. Donations to the fund can be made online.

Current SAIT students experiencing financial hardship are encouraged to contact early.alert@sait.ca where Financial Advisors are standing by to help.

We’re better together, even when we’re apart. Discover how our students and alumni are rolling-up their sleeves to help the community. sait.ca/bettertogether

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