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Greetings from Denmark


Sara Lolarga is spending the third semester of her Architectural Technologies program at VIA University College in Horsens, Denmark. Check out her postcard home, plus some great  study abroad advice.

What’s the view from your window?

View from Sara's window in Horens, Denmark

What’s the biggest difference between your classroom there and here?

The classroom setup is like a studio. Instead of moving between classes, students have their own individual desks and the instructors come to the classroom for lectures.

What’s your favourite place on campus to eat? Study? Relax?

When I’m at school, I’m usually in the classroom. Since it’s set up like a studio, it makes for a great space to study, collaborate and generally hang out with classmates.   

What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen or done while you’ve been away from home?

Travelling! Travelling between cities and countries in Europe is very easy and there are a lot of options, including buses, trains and cheap flights. I’ve visited the nearby city of Aarhus with my classmates for a day trip, Copenhagen for a weekend and I was even able to visit Berlin during the October break.

A view from the lane in Horens, Denmark

What do you miss most being away?

Living space in Europe is a bit more compact than in Canada. I miss having a bigger kitchen, more room, with a proper stove and oven to cook my meals 😃.

What do you miss least?

The harsh 45-minute winter commute. In Denmark, my commute is usually a 15-minute bike ride.

What surprised you most about studying abroad?

I’ve learned a lot about living independently and taking initiative in learning new things. As an introverted person, I’ve also gained a lot of confidence stepping outside my comfort zone and meeting new people. I’ve made many new friends with different backgrounds who have given me new and interesting perspectives.

Bikes lined up in front of VIA University in Horens, Denmark

Advice for a student about to study abroad: don’t leave home without…

A game plan before arriving. One of the biggest challenges was applying for the necessary visa, residence documents and so on. Doing my research, asking students who went on the exchange previously and anticipating what I would need to do when I arrived, made my transition quite smooth from the beginning. Most material things can be purchased here — but time is quite valuable and these processes naturally take time.

That, and make sure to bring one or two power adapters and a 10-foot charging cable for your phone. These are my most used items since coming here 😃.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I’m so happy I decided to go on this exchange program!

Not only am I able to enrich my studies through new concepts and building techniques but I feel I’ve also learned to be more adaptable. I feel confident in approaching new challenges and meeting new people in a way that I wasn’t before going to a new country. I’m excited by future opportunities that may come in my career.

I highly recommend students consider going on this exchange.

Did you know?

The international partnership between SAIT and VIA University College means that students have access to study abroad opportunities, as well as transfer options.

Connect with people and cultures from around the world and add a global perspective to your student experience during International Education Week.

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