Headshot of Colin Pattison

Following a career in finance, Colin Pattison traded the business world for the natural one, focusing his attention on environmental science.

Pattison joined SAIT in 2006, becoming part of a team that helped build the environmental technology program. Today, as an instructor, he teaches students about ecology, sustainable urban design, environmental impact assessment, risk assessment and site reclamation. His work also sees him running SAIT’s field school, where students collect and analyze samples in the wilds of Kananaskis and later interpret their data to answer a scientific question.

Pattison has a bachelor of commerce from Carleton University and a master of science in Environmental Management from Imperial College at the University of London. In 2020, he earned his PhD in ecology from Australia’s Griffith University.

In his research, Pattison explored the effects of seismic linear clearings for oil and gas development on forest structure and mammals in a boreal forest landscape.

Through teaching, he takes advantage of opportunities to investigate new technologies aimed at addressing environmental problems, bringing these new ideas and concepts to the classroom.

Awards and achievements:

  • Work published in international, peer-reviewed journals, including Peer J and Journal of Forest Ecology and Management
  • National Institute for Organization Development Instructor Excellence Award (2010)
  • Ralph T. Scurfield Award for Instructional Excellence (2009)
  • won the SAIT Students’ Association Instructor Excellence Award in 2008, while also receiving nominations in 2011, 2014 and 2015

Outside of work: "During my time outside of SAIT, I continue to work to be more sustainable. I try to control my carbon footprint and restore habitat for other critters. I enjoy biking to work and I have experience with solar power generation, passive solar energy, hydronic systems and bioengineering in riparian zones."

Media interviews:

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