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Student Calling Team

SAIT's Student Calling Program (SCP) is a team of students that connect with alumni over the phone to hear about their experience at SAIT, update them on current events and campus developments, answer questions, and seek financial support for SAIT and its students. Below are profiles of some of our current callers.

Cassandra, Student Calling SupervisorCassandra P.
Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant, 2nd Year
Student Calling Supervisor
"I love that SAIT puts student success first. The instructors really care, and every time I talk to alumni on the phone I feel like together we're helping to carry on the SAIT legacy. Every gift they make has a direct impact on the lives of students just like me. I'm proud to be a SAIT student."

Fatima, Student CallerFatima E.
Legal Assistant, 2nd Year

Student Caller
"Working for the Student Calling Program has been a great experience! I enjoy working with students from across campus and different programs, and then we get to talk to alumni as well. It's terrific! I like to hear about their experience and share with them what's happening at SAIT these days."

Hector, Student Calling SupervisorHector A.
New Media Production and Design, 2nd Year
Student Calling Supervisor
"When alumni make a gift to SAIT through the Student Calling Program, they're causing a ripple effect. By supporting students they are supporting a stronger economy, which supports a stronger country and society in the end."


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