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Centre for Innovation and Research in Advanced Manufacturing and Materials

As the age of imagination emerges from the age of information, a need for a new industrial and manufacturing transformation (the fourth industrial revolution) becomes more apparent.

In 2020, ARIS established the Centre for Innovation and Research in Advanced Manufacturing and Materials (CIRAMM) to identify and address challenges faced by the industry as manufacturing and materials systems evolve into smarter and cleaner solutions.

CIRAMM’s mission is to facilitate and accelerate the fourth industrial revolution by fostering innovation and talent.

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Research themesMan on computer with graphics on screen

  • generative design and computer modeling
  • additive manufacturing of metals and high-performance materials
  • advanced hybrid manufacturing
  • advanced characterizing of materials
  • computer-aided materials science
  • synthesis of advanced materials
  • automation and cloud manufacturing
  • machine learning in manufacturing and materials

Service offerings

  • Automation, machine learning, and data analytics in manufacturing systems
  • 3D printing of metals
  • 3D printing of high-temperature thermoplastics
  • Laser processing of materials (welding, cladding, and additive manufacturing)
  • Robotic welding and milling
  • CAD modeling and advanced design optimization
  • 3D laser scanning and reverse engineering
  • Computer modeling and simulation (solid mechanics, stress/strain, heat transfer, fluid dynamics)
  • Multi-axis CNC machining (3, 4, and 5 axis)
  • Vacuum arc melting, sintering, and heat treatment of materials
  • Vacuum casting
  • Microscopy (optical and electron microscopy with EBSD and heating stage)
  • Spectroscopy (LIBS, EDS, XRD)
  • Mechanical testing (tensile, compression, shear, fatigue, creep, impact, hardness)
  • Tribological testing (wear resistance, friction coefficient)
  • Corrosion testing
  • Thermo-analytical analysis (DSC, TGA)