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Indigenous Communities

For more than two decades, we have learned about the specific training requirements of Indigenous communities and the organizations that work with them. In Alberta, we have developed a long-term commitment to serving the needs of our Indigenous communities right at home by delivering quality training programs to strengthen hands-on and foundational skills for meaningful employment in the Canadian labour market.

A supportive and engaging learning experience

The key to a successful in-community training program is in the creation of a safe, supportive, and engaging learning environment. 

We start by assessing the needs of our client communities and their learners while working to jointly agree on the learning outcomes and objectives of training initiatives. We then address and incorporate important community-specific culture and tradition into the training program design and delivery. We will then employ the right instructors, subject matter specialists, and support staff who are experienced in teaching, working, and building positive relationships with Indigenous learners and in the Indigenous community. 

Building skills for a sustainable future

Many of our construction-related training initiatives include hands-on legacy projects, such as new building construction, renovation, and remediation of community buildings. We have worked with Indigenous communities to complete projects such as schools and trades training facilities, daycare centers, elders' lodges, and human resource development buildings.

For those participants in business and technology-focused training programs, hands-on skills are applied to community activities, such as cooking meals for elders, catering, and planning traditional events. Our supervisory training for the hotel and hospitality industry has provided Indigenous learners with the skills to progress and grow into supervision and management roles in an on-site resort and casino. 

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Group training

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Our training speaks for itself

"Not everything we teach is about technical hands-on skills. In giving our students the opportunity to learn through these types of programs, we've definitely built some confidence and created hope."

Lauren Bishop
Indigenous Client Development Manager, SAIT