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Heather Culbert

2003 Distinguished Alumna

Heather Culbert, 2003 SAIT Distinguished Alumna
Heather Culbert, CT '79

2017 Update

Heather Culbert (CT '79), Chair, SAIT Board of Governors

"At the time I received my Distinguished Alumni award, I was working for Enerplus as Senior VP of Corporate Services. I was there until 2006, and decided to 'work graduate.' I was too young to retire and I had a passion for community initiatives so I began volunteering on not-for-profit boards. It was a great opportunity to get more involved in the community, which has always been a very important aspect of my life. I've been involved with boards and was Board Chair of the United Way of Calgary, on the Board of the Alberta Cancer Foundation and assisted SAIT with their fundraising efforts as the second phase Chair for the Trades and Technology Complex.

In 2016, I was appointed the Chair of the Board of Governors at SAIT. I have been very engaged with SAIT since graduating and initially joined the Board in 2014. It was a great fit, I think not only for me personally, but for the institution as well. I really do understand what SAIT is about from student and employer perspectives, as well as from a leadership perspective. It's an amazing opportunity and I'm honoured to be the first SAIT alumna to serve as Board Chair.

Heading into our second century, I'm most excited about the vast array of opportunities for SAIT. Our student success is unparalleled and employers are extremely satisfied with the practical, leading-edge training and the applied skill sets our graduates have. We are always looking to improve the impact SAIT can have locally and provincially and we are well positioned to leverage all of this success on a global scale."

Heather Culbert left her position as Senior VP of Corporate Services with Enerplus in 2006 and committed to volunteering with not-for-profit boards. She has served on boards with the United Way of Calgary and with the Alberta Cancer Foundation, in addition to being the second-phase Chair for the Trades and Technology Complex at SAIT. In 2016, Heather became the first SAIT graduate to serve as Chair of the Board of Governors at SAIT.