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Before you begin

  • Learn more about How to Apply and application timelines. 
  • Check your program's admission and selection page to find out when it is offered — fall, winter or spring.
  • Make sure you have a valid Visa or MasterCard to pay the online application fee — $120 for domestic students or $150 for international students.

Start your application

How will you apply?

If you're: If you're:
  • A Canadian citizen (including a dual-citizen of Canada), OR
  • A permanent resident of Canada, OR
  • A refugee in Canada
  • An international student, OR
  • A temporary resident (including those with a study permit, work permit or visitor Visa), OR
  • Living in Canada but do not have permanent resident or refugee status
You will apply on ApplyAlberta You will apply on SAIT's self-service system

How to apply on ApplyAlberta

  1. Create a MyAlberta Digital ID account.
    • If you've used ApplyAlberta before Jan. 22, 2019, you'll have a SIAMS (Secure Identity and Access Management System) account.
    • After you create a MyAlberta Digital ID account, transfer your current SIAMS account to your newly created MyAlberta Digital ID account. If you can't remember your SIAMS login information, please follow the steps to retrieve your password. 
    • If you require assistance with your application, please contact ApplyAlberta.
  2. Enter all information required through ApplyAlberta and you will be directed to the SAIT portion of the application.
  3. Choose the term you want to start in (fall, winter, etc.), and select your program of choice.
  4. Complete the application by paying the non-refundable application fee.

You will receive an email approximately three business days after you apply with your SAIT ID number and instructions for next steps. 

Apply on ApplyAlberta Now

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How to apply on SAIT's self-service system

  1. Create a temporary ID and password. If you’ve previously applied to SAIT, log in with your existing ID number and password.
  2. Select the application type 1 – International Application from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select the term you wish to apply for (fall, winter, etc.)
  4. Enter all the information required in the application checklist, including:
    • your personal information
    • the program(s) you wish to apply for
    • anticipated final grades
    • applicant questionnaire.
  5. Complete the application by paying the non-refundable application fee. 

After the payment is made, you will be reminded of your temporary login information. Make sure to make note of this in order to correspond with us until you receive your permanent SAIT ID. This will be sent via email within one business day along with instructions for next steps.

Apply through self-service

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