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School Directory

Contact the School of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT)

For program-related inquiries, please contact  ict.info@sait.ca or book an appointment to speak to an advisor.

Main office

Stan Grad Centre, MD302

Hours of operation
Monday – Friday 7:30 am - 4:30 pm

Academic advisors

Name Program Phone Email
Lisa Annan CSCS, DAAN, FVP, ISA, ISS,  ITSD, RTBN 403.284.8849 lisa.annan@sait.ca
Lisa Bishop BSN, DBA, GCPT, IRM, JA, LIT, NMPD, NSS, OOSD, TIA, WBDV 403.774.5094 lisa.bishop@sait.ca
Maria Saunders ITCS, ITNS, ITTS 403.284.8081 maria.saunders@sait.ca

Dean's office

Name Position Phone Email
Raynie Wood Dean 403.284.8865 raynie.wood@sait.ca
Sharron Li Dean's Assistant 403.210.5753 sharron.li@sait.ca
Amos Ngai Interim Associate Dean 403.284.8962 amos.ngai@sait.ca
Kim Noble Manager of Operations 403.284.8521 kim.noble@sait.ca
Maria Bernal Administrative Assistant 403.210.5712 maria.bernal@sait.ca
Varnika Sharma Administrative Assistant varnika.sharma@sait.ca

Work Integrated Learning

Name Position Phone Email
Autumn Heinze Coordinator 403.284.8685 autumn.heinze@sait.ca
Cheryl Simoens Coordinator 403.210.5631 cheryl.simoens@sait.ca

Academic Chairs

Name Program Phone Email
Jessica Ager Systems (CSCS), Information Systems Analyst (ISA), Information Systems Security (ISS), Information Technology – Common semester 403.284.7100 Jessica.ager@sait.ca
Gerald Flim Film and Video Production (FVP), Radio, Television and Broadcast News (RTBN) 403.210.4487 gerald.flim@sait.ca
Erin Gates Data Analytics (DAAN), Information Technology – Software Development (ITSD) 403.284.8968 erin.gates@sait.ca
Blake Kanewischer Business Intelligence: Data Analysis and Reporting (BSN), Database Administrator (DBA), Network Systems Specialist (NSS), Object Oriented Software Development (OOSD), Technology Infrastructure Analyst (TIA), Web Developer (WBDV) 403.284.8059 blake.kanewischer@sait.ca
Alex Khalaf Information Technology – Computer Systems (ITCS), Information Technology – Network Systems (ITNS), Information Technology – Telecommunications (ITTC) 403.284.8017 alex.khalaf@sait.ca
Jim Slobodian Information Records Management (IRM), Journalism (JA), Library Information Technology (LIT) 403.284.7100 jim.slobodian@sait.ca
Andrew Stevenson Graphic Communications and Print Technology (GCPT),New Media Production and Design (NMPD)



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