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Health and Public Safety Program Orientation Requirements

Important dates and deadlines

Find important dates applicable to all students, including your transcript and tuition payments deadlines on our Important Dates page.

Important Dates

Plan ahead

You are required to complete several health, confidentiality and consent forms before starting your program. All completed and signed paperwork is needed on orientation day. 

Ensure you complete all three steps below ahead of orientation. 

Step one: Pre-practicum requirements 

Start on these steps early, as they may take several weeks to complete. 


Most practicum sites require students to demonstrate updated immunization status prior to attending practicum. The receiving practicum site has the right to refuse students who cannot prove they have met all the required immunizations. Students must begin the immunization process by telephone consultation with SAIT Health Services prior to orientation week to have their immunizations reviewed.

Immunizations may take time to process, so it is important to start this process early.


Most vaccines are provided free-of-charge through Alberta Health Services; however, there are fees associated with the administration of those vaccines which are not covered. SAIT Health Services will advise you of the required vaccines, and the administrative costs for any required vaccines at your initial telephone consultation. Any additional charges will be collected at the time of the telephone consult, or at the time when any additional vaccine is given. Costs are determined as follows:

  • An initial $75 charge to review the vaccines and medical history during the telephone consultation.
  • Immunization fee of $25 per appointment.
  • o Additional immunizations fee of $5 per vaccine for any vaccine administered the same day.

Payment Methods

All fees are payable at the time of the services rendered. Payment may be made using one of the following methods:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • Pre-loaded VISA or MasterCard gift credit card loaded with enough funds to cover the appointment costs, and any associated activation fees (i.e. $75.00 + Activation fee to load card).
  • Students may also have a 3 rd-party credit card holder pay in their behalf; provided that the cardholder is present for verification purposes.
  • Receipts will be emailed to the student following payment processing.

Note: Debit card payment cannot be processed over the phone.

Booking the Consult Appointment

Student immunization process begins by telephone consultation with the SAIT Health Clinic Nurse. This phone consultation appointment is to review a student’s previous immunization records, and to discuss which immunizations are required for that student’s specific HPS Program.

Book an appointment 

SAIT Health Services Clinic

Monday – Friday (excluding holidays) from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
Senator Burns Building NR41

*Please access the building from outside in the NE corner closest to 10th Street.

The 30-minute appointment will be booked for approximately 7-10 business days from the initial call to allow a student to collect and submit all necessary documents in preparation for the appointment.

New Immunization Process Frequently Asked Questions

The SAIT Health Services team of knowledgeable Healthcare providers will review the student’s immunization records as well as the student’s medical history, and will develop a plan to ensure that the student is cleared to go on practicum.

How to Prepare for the Telephone Consultations

1. All students are required to acquire the following:

If you do not have your immunization records, then the following people/organizations may be useful resources:

  • From Calgary, contact Central Records at 403.214.3641
  • From Edmonton, contact Central Records at 780.413.7985
  • Outside of Calgary, contact your local health unit or the healthcare professions/agency that immunized you, or a request that a Pharmacist access your records through NetCare (fees may apply).

If you are unable to find contact information for Public Health in another province, then Central Records in Calgary (contact info above) may be able to assist you with this. Parents may also be a good resource for this information.

NOTE: the SAIT Health Services Clinic is not responsible to search for your previous records (locally or elsewhere).

2. Submit your immunization records, and the completed SAIT Health Clinic Immunization Consent form prior to your appointment in one of the following ways:

  • Fax to 1-403-284-8631 ATTN: Immunization Consult Appointment – include date of appointment (preferred)


Note: If it is not possible to acquire previous immunization records (i.e. out-of-country), then students need to mention this at the time of scheduling their appointment. This will be noted on their appointment file. However, a completed and signed SAIT Health Clinic Immunization Consent form is still required, and must be received prior to their appointment date.

Appointment Reminder for Students

As a courtesy, scheduled appointments will be confirmed by a phone call one (1) business day prior to a student’s appointment. If immunization records and the signed consent form have not been received by the time of the reminder call, the student’s appointment will need to be rescheduled.

Clinic Expectations for the Scheduled Consultation Appointment

The SAIT Health Services Clinic will initiate the telephone consult call at the time of the scheduled appointment.

Students must be available to answer the phone call from the SAIT Clinic Nurse at the scheduled appointment time.

If the student does not answer the first call at the scheduled appointed time, then the Nurse will try to call again approximately 2-5 minutes after the scheduled appointment start time.

If the student does not answer the second call; then the student’s appointment status will be changed to “No-Show”.

The student will then be responsible to rebook another consult appointment by contacting the SAIT Health Services Clinic.

Next Steps After Phone Consultation

After the clinic Nurse completes the review of immunizations, if additional vaccines are required then future appointments will be discussed at the time of your initial telephone consultation.

If blood work, or x-rays, are required before immunizations may be administered, then the student is asked to confirm their preferred email address with the SAIT Health clinic who will then email the requisition directly to the student.

Students are responsible for booking lab appointments and completing requisite blood work. Lab work is covered under provincial health care programs; so even if you have out-of-province health care, you may go to the lab for no charge and get your levels tested.

The lab results will be sent back to SAIT Health Services Clinic automatically either electronically, or by fax.

After lab results are received, the SAIT Health Services Clinic will book immunization appointments in alignment with program requirements (if required). Depending on your antibody levels, you may not need to get booster doses of some vaccines. Fees will apply to future immunization appointments as per the fees listed above.

If the student is residing outside of the Calgary Health Zone, then the student will be notified of the immunizations that are still required, and then the student may begin the process wherever is most convenient for the student if desired. Once classes start in September, The SAIT Health Services Clinic will take over and administer (by appointment only), any incomplete required immunizations for the student’s program. Fees will apply to any appointment where vaccines are administered as per the fee schedule above.

If the student begins the immunization process outside of the SAIT Health Services Clinic, then the student and the student’s healthcare professional must fill out and return the Vaccine Administration Record for Outside of Calgary Area form to the SAIT Health Clinic by fax 1.403.284.8531 (preferred method), or email health.services@sait.ca (not advised as it is not secure).

The SAIT Health Services Clinic will book follow-up appointments for a time that works around your class schedule. The SAIT Health Services Clinic will directly communicate with the School of Health and Public Safety when you have completed the process, so that you do not have to organize your records yourself.

Read the Immunizations Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document

Read the Vaccine Administration Record for Outside of Calgary Area document

Read the SAIT Health Clinic Immunization Consent document

Health and wellness status

Required for: All programs - no exceptions 

The healthcare field has a strong focus on health, wellness and fitness to practice due to the demanding nature of the work and Occupational Health and Safety requirements.

If you have a physical, emotional, or medical condition or disability that might impact you in a practicum or clinical setting, it is strongly advised to discuss your concern with the program chair and/or Accessibility Services as soon as possible once you have been accepted and prior to confirming a seat into the program.

  1. Read the health and wellness guidance document.
  2. Contact your Academic Chair and/or SAIT Accessibility Services if you have a concern which might impact your ability to complete the program.

Police Information Check including Vulnerable Sector Check

Required for: All programs except Nutrition for Healthy Lifestyles

According to the Protection for Persons in Care Act, our practical sites require students to obtain a Police Information Check (PIC) including Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC), prior to starting practicum.

    1. Read the PIC information sheet.
    2. Obtain a letter for unpaid practicum by completing the  required online forms.
    3. Contact your local police or RCMP authority to obtain instructions on how to order a  hard copy during COVID 19. Each jurisdiction will do this differently.
    4. Refer to your PIC information sheet, or email hps.info@sait.ca for instructions on how to submit your hard copy PIC once you receive it.

The PIC must be dated no earlier than 90 days prior to your program orientation day. Failure to complete this process may lead to ineligibility for practicums.

Required forms

Visit our online forms system to complete and submit the required forms prior to orientation day.

Complete online forms

N95 Respiratory Mask Fitting

Required for: Advanced Care Paramedic,  Primary Care Paramedic,  Medical Laboratory Assistant,  Medical Laboratory Technology,  Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant,  Respiratory Therapy,  Diagnostic Medical Sonography,  Nuclear Medicine Technology,  Medical Radiologic Technology and  Ophthalmic and Optometric Assisting. 

Fit testing is done to determine which make and model of N95 respiratory mask should be used by an individual. In compliance with Alberta's Occupational Health and Safety Code 2009, students are fit-tested for respiratory masks prior to their practica. Occupational Health and Safety Bulletin, Respiratory Protective Equipment: An Employer's Guide states the effectiveness of the respiratory protective equipment depends on an effective face piece seal to the skin of the face.

The mask must be tight enough so that the person is breathing only air which has been filtered. The seal is dependent on facial differences (shape or size) or facial hair. Facial hair must be removed where the mask contacts the face for the test. Failure to adequately fit an N95 mask may result in a restricted practicum and\or limited employment. Additionally, a student may need to be tested again in two years or if there are changes to the face, which impact the ability of the respirator to form an effective seal (e.g. Weight gain/loss, the growth of facial hair, dental surgery, or facial scarring).

Health Care Provider Level (C) CPR

Required for: Advanced Care Paramedic,  Primary Care Paramedic,  Dental Assisting, Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant,  Respiratory Therapy,  Diagnostic Medical Sonography,  Nuclear Medicine Technology,  Medical Radiologic Technology and Ophthalmic and Optometric Assisting. 

Current Heart and Stroke Foundation Health Care Provider Level (C) CPR must be valid for the duration of your practicum. SAIT offers the above CPR course on a continuous basis (CPRS 001 BLS Provider (Level C) CPR).

Please note that only the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada CPR certification will be accepted.

Step two: Prepare for orientation

Read the following resources that apply to all Health and Public Safety programs.

During the program, you may be expected to serve as a volunteer patient and have learning exercises performed on you by an instructor or other students. As a student and in the working world you will be required to work with individuals of all genders, sexual orientations, cultures, religions, and economic status. 

You may encounter infectious diseases through contact with patients, supplies, equipment, and biological specimens. To ensure your protection and the protection of others, you will be expected to practice universal precautions.

Practicum placement agreements

A legal contract must cover the School of Health and Public Safety students who are participating in a clinical practicum rotation. The following two examples of contracts are for your reference and do not need to be printed or signed.

Step three: review other program requirements

Select your program below to see your orientation date, any additional supplies you may need, required or recommended preparation courses and who to contact if you have questions.

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