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Academic advising  403.284.8485
Lynn McKenna Supervisor, Academic Advising and Program Administration 403.774.5381 Lynn.McKenna@sait.ca N701
Andrew Julio Academic Advisor 403.284.7162 Andrew.Julio@sait.ca N701
Gillian Peel Academic Advisor 403.284.7002 Gillian.peel@sait.ca N701
Joey Post Academic Advisor 403.284.8349 Joey.Post@sait.ca N701
Vicki Norris Academic Advisor 403.284.7099 Vicki.Norris@sait.ca N701
Deanna Matity Academic Advisor 403.284.8743 Deanna.Matity@sait.ca N701
Victoria Morneau Academic Advisor 403.284.7309 Victoria.Morneau@sait.ca N701
Cindy Karikari Academic Advisor 403.284.7186 Cindy.Karikari@sait.ca N701
Margerri Pilao Academic Advisor 403.284.7123 Margerri.Pilao@sait.ca N701
Colleen Rauscher Receptionist 403.284.8485 Colleen.Rauscher@sait.ca N701
Nahida Charrouf Administrator - Professional and Leadership Programs 403.284.7186 Nahida.Charrouf@sait.ca N701
Administrative Information Management and Office Professional
Dave Warner Academic Chair (Administrative Information Management and Office Professional) 403.284.8697 Dave.Warner@sait.ca N901B
Business degree and diploma first year
Karen Baldwin Interim Academic Chair (Diploma) 403.284.8597 Karen.Baldwin@sait.ca NN602
Ross Humby Interim Academic Chair (Degree) 403.774.5112 Ross.Humby@sait.ca NN215B
Business degree and diploma majors
Gursher Pannu Academic Chair (Management and Human Resource Management) 403.774.5161 Gursher.Pannu@sait.ca N601A
Jeremy Garton  Academic Chair (Supply Chain Management) 


Jeremy.Garton@sait.ca N215B
Ross Humby Academic Chair (Marketing) / Interim Academic Chair (Scholarly Activity and Quality) 403.774.5112 Ross.Humby@sait.ca N1001D
Nicole Finnigan Academic Chair (Accounting) 403.774.5152 Nicole.Finnigan@sait.ca N501G
Bill Ross Academic Chair (Financial Services) 403.774.5269 William.ross@sait.ca N501J
Legal assistant 
Kristine Kennedy Academic Chair (Legal Assistant) 403.210.5816 Kristine.Kennedy@sait.ca N901E
Program assistants
Falara Peek Program Assistant 403.774.5159 Falara.Peek@sait.ca N701
Shandra McQueen Program Assistant 403.210.4240 Shandra.Mcqueen@sait.ca N602
Michelle Richards Program Assistant 403.774.5333 Michelle.Richards@sait.ca N701
Continuing Education, Distance Education and Professional and Leadership programs
Vacant Academic Chair (Academic Chair, Continuing & Distance Education, Professional & Leadership Programs) 403.210.4479   NJ211
Joseph Macdonald Training Consultant 403.284.8404 Joseph.Macdonald@sait.ca NJ212
Colleen Wagner Training Consultant 403.210.4504 Colleen.Wagner@sait.ca NJ212
Claudia Jungert Learning and Development Partner 403.284.7329 Claudia.Jungert@sait.ca NJ211
Niamh Lyons Training Consultant 403.774.5432 Niamh.Lyons@sait.ca NJ211
Lynn Gee Program Administrator 403.284.5245 Lynn.Gee@sait.ca NJ212
Aman Khangura Program Administrator 403.774.4661 Aman.Khangura@sait.ca NJ211
Stephen Ip Program Administrator 403.284.8124 Stephen.Ip@sait.ca NJ211
Lola Eleyinmi Program Administrator 403.774.5430 Lola.Eleyinmi@sait.ca NJ211
Deepika Sharma Program Administrator  403.284.8719 Deepika.Sharma@sait.ca NJ211
Averill McPherson Purpura Curriculum Administrator 403.284.8405 Averill.McPhersonPurpura@sait.ca NJ212
Academic technical support 403.210.4357
Academic chairs
Brian Thompson Academic Chair (Industry and Strategic Partner Liason) 403.284.8085 Brian.Thompson@sait.ca N211D
Jennifer Carlson Academic Chair (Innovation and New Ventures) 403.284.8410 Jennifer.Carlson@sait.ca NJ212
Office of Dean and Associate Dean
Janet Segato Dean 403.210.4505 Janet.Segato@sait.ca N602
Karen Baldwin Associate Dean 403.284.8597 Karen.Baldwin@sait.ca N602
Sherry Williams Executive Assistant 403.284.8873 Sherry.Williams@sait.ca N602
Hamad Aljufairi Business Operations Coordinator 403.774.5379 Hamad.Aljufairi@sait.ca N602
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